Giant Monopoly St Albans 2010

On Sunday, St. Albans was turned into a Giant Monopoly Board.  It was the brainchild of the Arts, Sports & Health Team.  The whole idea was to get people exercising whilst taking in some of the local sites.  There were 3 routes to choose from with a number of checkpoints along the way.  We chose the shortest, the yellow route which was 2.5 miles as we had toddlers with us.

We did it with @annieqpr and family, as we are both incredibly competitive we thought it safer to team up than to compete.  Our first stop was Crazy Golf in Verulam Park.  On the way we accosted Mr. Monopoly for our Chance Cards.  Then we were off to the Verulam Museum for a quiz.  Dads and kids strolled around the museum taking in the history while Annie and I ran around like loons, ignoring everything except answers to the quiz.  Next stop was perfect for Annie’s family, Watford FC Speed check, you had to kick a ball into the net and it measure the speed.  Then we wandered back through the park for some duck races.

Unfortunately, we didn’t calculate in the proximity of two pubs to the route so we never managed to finish the course, which meant we didn’t get to collect our Chance prizes, nor did we get to see the St. Albans Jail, which is something we all wanted to see.  Oh well, there is always next year!  Oh and FREE parking in St. Albans…now that is funny!

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  1. Tut tut.. never finished the course eh?! This sounds like really good fun! U will not believe me, but I have never played Monopoly!

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