London Sky Ride 2010

So glad I did it, but not sure I would do it again next year. We set off at about half 9 this morning. Unfortunately, we didn’t take into consideration engineering works on the rail lines so we had to cycle from St. Pancras to the start of the route. But in my true fashion, I chatted up the nearest cycling savvy guy I could find and he escorted us to the start of the London Sky Ride.

Overall, it was fab. We got to sail by a lot of London’s great landmarks; St. Pauls, Millennium Bridge, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. We also managed to wangle a full English breakfast at the Embankment café. Unfortunately, as time went on it got a bit busy so we high tailed it out of there! I was shitting myself but we cycled up Charing Cross Road and then along Euston Rd. Honestly, it was a piece of piss. Now, I’m tempted to pop into London with our bikes again. A great way to see the city!

Yes, that upright Piano was a bicyle!!!

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5 thoughts on “London Sky Ride 2010”

  1. I was doing the 5K in Hyde Park, was great seeing so many cyclists about! My friend did it last year and said it was really good. i have to admit though it doesnt appeal to me hehe. x

  2. We did the route three and a bit times, stopping off for a beer here and a picnic in the park there. Was a fab day and we're going fancy dress next year!

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