Dinosaur Days!

We accidently had a Dinosaur themed weekend.  Someone recently suggested ‘theme-ing’ your week with your kids (e.g under the water, at the Zoo, etc.).  However, to be honest I thought it sounded a bit wanky and far too organised for me.  Nonetheless, in this case it worked out well.

Last week a friend recommended Knebworth House and said it had a fantastic Dinosaur Trail.  So, Saturday morning I decided that’s what we would do.  I sat Madame on my lap and showed her all the pictures of the dinosaurs and the adventure playground.  She was very excited, until I flipped to the opening times and realised it closed in September.  Doh!

Quick change of plans, with a bit of gentle persuasion I convinced hubby, who is a London Commuter, to go to the Natural History Museum in London.  It was brilliant!  As it was a Saturday we drove in, no congestion charge on weekends, we have a diesel, parking was only a tenner and the museum is free!  Madame’s highlight was the robotic T-Rex.  She also liked these guys.  They reminded me of @chickenruby and me.

She was fascinated by the blood around their mouths and reckoned they needed some baby wipes!

Then, today, thanks to @zooarcheologis, we went to the local museum where they had a Dinosaur Day. Madame made a miniature dinosaur and giant wellie boot dinosaur foot prints.  I wasn’t there, so I’m hoping Claire jumps in and tells us how they’re made.  I think they look fab, even though they do look a bit phallic (rotate footprint 90 degrees clockwise)????

All in all a great weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Dinosaur Days!”

  1. Love it! Anything that gets us out of the house and burns a few hours on the weekends is great in my book. And this looks so cool for both the adults and kids :) I’ve been wanting to go to the museum of natural history here in my town for a wile, and I think my kids are just getting old enough now, so I think I just made plans for next weekend!

  2. The footprints were made by cutting out plastizote into appropriate (researched) shapes and then sticking them onto wellys. Plastozote is a sort of inert compressed foam, not that you really want to know that!
    Glad she enjoyed it all!

  3. Love anything dinosaur in our house. They boys love the Natural History museum but aren’t keen on the T-rex. It still scares them.

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