Final Curtain Call for Strictly Come Dancing?

As most of you know I’m a big fan of Strictly Come Dancing.  I haven’t been watching it since the beginning but damn near close enough.   However, the changes over the last couple of years are starting to test my loyalty.  Last year, when they replaced Arlene Phillips resident dance expert, with Alesha Dixon, I was very vocal about my unhappiness with this decision.

This is not a personal attack against Alesha, she seems like a lovely woman and probably learned a lot when she participated in the show in 2007.  However, I still don’t think comments like ‘great outfit’, ‘your bum looks great in those trousers’ or ‘the ladies are loving you tonight’ really add to the show.  These quotes were all taken from tonight’s show.

Anyhow, I’ve moved on from that.  However, this year the removal of the ‘Dance Off’ doesn’t anger me but in fact terrifies me.  I’m not going to explain how SCD works as I’m assuming that if you’re still reading this you must be a fan, otherwise you would have buggered off by now.  We’ve all seen it happen year after year, the British Public voting for the underdog or just to goad the judges, mostly Craig.  A prime example of this was John Sergeant.  Goodness knows how far he would have gotten if he didn’t make the decision to walk.

So, in reality, there is nothing stopping the likes of Ann Widdecombe from getting to the final.  I really hope the British public come to their senses and remember that underneath all the glitz and glamour that it is a dance competition.  I do appreciate it’s for entertainment, but I don’t think it’s really fair to those that are working really hard and delivering excellent dances.  This is why the judge’s involvement is imperative as they used to have the opportunity to step in and save the better dancer if need be.

In addition, without the Dance Off the Sunday night result show is a complete waste of time.  It’s just filler, clips of the show the night before, with a couple of show dances thrown in, possibly a celebrity guest and then the lights go out.  If the voting closes shortly after the show on Saturday night why can’t they have the results on the same night?

I really hope I’m wrong about this and that the new format of the programme adds to our enjoyment but I can’t help feeling that the BBC has made a grave error.

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14 thoughts on “Final Curtain Call for Strictly Come Dancing?”

  1. I think that whatever the format the standard is generally higher this year. I do think Ann Widdecombe will see better dancers off, but they will be ones that wouldn’t have won the competition aren’t they? If it were purely dance then I wouldn’t engage with it. I agree with you about the Sunday show. The guest acts are so obviously pre-recorded they really needn’t bother. Any Matt Baker has the loveability of Chris Hollins coupled with great technique so hopefully will do well :-)

    1. Very good point about not being ones who would have won anyway. However, if they leave early we’ll never know. I have to say if some of the really good dancers starting falling at this hurdle and I’m forced to watch more of Ann, etc I may be tempted to turn the channel as I enjoy watching good dancing. It all seems to be a way of getting more people to ring in and vote….bit of a money spinner.

  2. Some valid points about the dance off but its not just a dance show..its entertainment (a journey). if not why put Widdy in?

  3. No, I am not really a fan but agree with your sentiments. Did see Sergeant and was annoyed they ‘used’ his vanity so ill.

  4. I am so so with you on this. A gets right on my T**s, bring back Arlene, infact so does Bruno at the moment too. No dance off means I dont even want to watch the results show, it has no content and might as well just happen live when the record it on a Sat night. Urfggggg

  5. I totally agree. The Sunday show without the dance off is boring and pointless. I’m still unhappy about the replacement of Arlene with Alesha, her comments are utterly useless. Gah! You’ve got me all riled up!

  6. The Sun night show is recorded Sat night. Last year they came clean and showed it Sat night, they must think we have forgotten this year. Record it on Sky+ or freeview and you don’t have to watch the whole boring 30 minutes. People like Ann Widdecombe should have a bit more dignity and refuse to take part as they are chosen only for their joke value anyway. And as for the voting system, it’s deliberately rigged to make it even more difficult to get rid of the dross. If there is a tie in scores, for example 2 couples at no. 1, the points should be apportioned (say) 12,12,10 etc not 12,12,11 etc, i.e. the way it is done in every other competitive arena.

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