Who’s the largest distributor of toys in the world?

No, it’s not Hamley’s, Toys R Us or Disney!

But in fact…..it’s McDonald’s!  Surprised?  So was I.

I was cleaning out Madame’s room today getting rid of toys to make way for the onslaught of new ones at Christmas and I came across a load of Maccy D toys, the ones that come in Happy Meals.  Have I just outed myself?  Yes, I take my daughter to McDonald’s occasionally, usually when I’ve had a tough week, can’t be arsed to cook or she’s been exceptionally good.  We call it the ‘Burger House’ or ‘Chez Ronald’s’ so she can’t out us to our posh Annabel Karmel wannabe mums!

I’m a firm believer of anything in moderation, so you can stop tutting.  We go on average about twice a month. In addition, I’m fully aware that cattle are a threat to the environment, as they produce more CO2 than transportation.  Then again, I was a vegetarian for 20 years so think I’ve done my part. So, unless you’re a vegan who doesn’t own a single synthetic or animal based product please keep it to yourself!

However, these toys are another environmental nightmare, you can’t give them to mates, as you’d have to admit you went to McDonald’s, and they’re made from nasty plastic that can’t be recycled. As a result, I now have a pile of crappy toys (who needs a Bazooka wielding penguin?) that I don’t know what to do with.  Sadly, I think they’re destined for a landfill site unless someone has a better idea.

This isn’t going stop me from going to McDonald’s however next time I’m going to say ‘no toy thank you’!

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12 thoughts on “Who’s the largest distributor of toys in the world?”

  1. Very surprised, but it makes sense! Also a believer everything in moderation – and these toys can certainly build up over time! If you find a use for them let me know, the small toys box really needs attention. Great post!

  2. donate the plastic toys when Madam has had a play to local play groups and schools then they can be wrapped and used for lucky dips to raise funds, they can also be used for the shoe box appeal.

  3. we tend to refuse the toys now as well – they are a novelty for a few minutes and then normally get left behind

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