A Swiss Army Knife isn’t just for Christmas (Competition)

I’ve always been a life-long lover of Swiss Army knives; it’s not just a boy thing.  However, I don’t own a pink one.  Currently, I have two knives; one in my first aid kit and the other in our ‘man drawer’ in the kitchen.  Plus, I also have a Flight Safe Pendrive on my key ring.  It has a pen, LED and a 2.0 USB device.

So, I was thrilled when we were offered £100 worth of vouchers to spend in Victorinox, the original makers of Swiss Army Knives, which we could use in a giveaway.  It’s perfect timing with Christmas around the corner and those difficult people in your life to buy for.

1.) I’m going to make the competition as simple as possible.  To enter all you need to do is reply in the comments section of this post stating what your favourite Swiss Army tool is and why.  For example, for obvious reasons my favourite tool is the cork-screw.

2.) The competition will close, Sunday the 14th of Nov at 6 pm.

3.) This is a UK based competition.

4.) The winner will be chosen randomly.

5.)  Please leave me some way of identifying you whether it’s a your Twitter Username or use a valid email when commenting.

In addition, to this give-away.  You may also be interested in Victorinox’s Family Project.  Are you brave, bold, intrepid, true? Have you ever dreamt of sharing a family adventure together? Do you have grand ideas on how to make our world better?  The winner’s will receive 10,000 euros to fund their project!  There are four categories you can enter which reflect the Victorinox brand – functionality, innovation, design and quality.  Competition is open to families in the UK and will close on January 31, 2011.

While you’re giving it some thought, I’ll leave you with this…..

Thanks everyone for entering the competition and the winner is….according to Random.org

Congratulations @Hairyfarmer!

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38 thoughts on “A Swiss Army Knife isn’t just for Christmas (Competition)”

  1. For me as an outdoors man, Swiss Army knives often have a portable tin opener on them which many people struggle to use, but I have always found amazing. It helps that it can also double up as a bottle opener

  2. My favourite part of my swiss army knife is the tweezers, I can pluck my eyebrows on the train, great time saving device…just need one with a flick out mirror to complete my happiness

  3. Previously, i probably would have said corkscrew too, but since the rise in popularity of the screwed cap it’s not as vital any more. I’d therefore have to plump for the tin opener – proved a life saver when our normal one broke.

  4. I like the toothpick just because it’s so cute! I love how it fits in the little slot. I know how sad that is, but it really is fun to play with!

  5. My husband makes me carry a little credit card sized swiss army knife wherever I go!

    I’d have to say the tool I use most on it is the tweezers :)

  6. To follow the trend, I like the corkscrew as well, but mostly due to the fact that because of my rubbish, bitten nails its often the only one I can open!
    Damn those hard to open blades!

  7. My favourite tool on my (fake pink) swiss army knife is the tiny screw driver. The only one you can use to tighten up the arms on sunglasses and get into the battery compartments of teeny tiny toys – to replace with new batteries of course, not to remove them to stop annoying music ;0)

  8. Well mine would have been the Bottle Opener but alas there was a little matter of a conviction which proved to abruptly change my mind… It took me 6mths in between working in the post room too break through the first bar.. I was 2 days yes just 2 days away from my second bar only to have my dream of escaping dashed due early release.. I was gutted… So for these reasons I would nominated the “FILE”

  9. oooh fab competition! hmm, favourite thing: toothpick, firstly because no one else ever uses it! secondly because it’s handy for all sorts of things (reset buttons that are always teeny!).

  10. It has to be the blunt pointy one with the hole halfway along it, seemingly useless until until you use it to bore and thread a conker, whilst taking extreme care to not also bore and thread your hand at the same time.

  11. Its got to be the ‘thing for taking stones out of horse’s hooves’. Its on almost every Victorinox knife so clearly there’s a lot of demand for it.

  12. I’ve never owned a swiss army knife but both my sons loved them and if I ever won one, lol, Im positive the bottle opener would be worn out long before the rest!

  13. My favourite tool on my very pink Victorinox pocket knife is the scissors. It used to save me from biting open ketchup packets, but now it saves me from biting open Calpol sachets.

  14. Ooooh, easy! I have a little pink SAK, and the tweezers have done emergency duty on my eyebrows FAR too many times! You know how it is when you glance in a mirror and… argh!

  15. I’d have to say the screwdriver. I always need a teeny screwdriver. I can never find one. Ever. I dread to think how many I have bought…

    (I hope my disqus log in gives you a valid email… If not, I’m @bumblingtweets)

  16. As odd as it sounds my favourite tool is actually the large blade. Why? Because while I might use the other tools from time to time the large blade is the one I use most often!

  17. My favourite is the nail file because raggedy bits of nail drive me mad but also because it’s great at breaking into just about any type of package!

  18. For me it’s a tie between the screw driver and the corkscrew. Both of those two devices date back almost to the very first Swiss Army Knife. Your readers might not know that although Victorinox knives have been around for over a century, the name “Swiss Army Knife” originated in WWII. US Army troops found a Victorinox on virtually every German soldier they killed or captured during the War, and at war’s end soldiers bought huge quantities of the knives for souvenirs at Army PX stores. The German name for the knives “Schweizer Offiziermessers,” was too hard to pronounce, so they just called them “Swiss Army Knives.” The name obviously stuck. And the rest is history.

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