Passion Killer!

Was heading off to bed last night and was joking with hubby……

Me: ‘I’m going up to bed now, you going to be long, should I slip into something more comfortable?’

Him: ‘Oh, yes please!’ *looking hopeful*

He followed me up shortly.

Hopped into bed and said….

Him: ‘What the hell are those?’

Me: ‘My fleece trousers’

Him: ‘I thought you said you were going to put something sexy on?’

Me: ‘No, I said comfy’

Him:  ‘My mum used to have a pair of those…..’

And with those words he managed to instantly kill the moment!  Gentlemen, a word of advice, never ever ever mention your dead mother in the bedroom! ;-)

Author: mediocremum

A slightly older mum of one, who drinks far too much red wine and has an unhealthy obsession with her slow cooker. During the day she's an ICT Trainer, Social Media/Online Marketing consultant and does a bit of public speaking. Full Profile on Google+

5 thoughts on “Passion Killer!”

  1. Thats hilarious, we were chatting a few years ago and he told me that if I get into bed wearing a nighty he doesnt think that I am “up for it! ” (yes he is that romantic!). I told him that nighties are easily removable, and that he should really check first before assuming such things. Men eh!

  2. See I feel much more sexy when I feel comfortable. So what if that means fleece pj’s and some fluffy socks. They are easy to get on and more importantly easy to get off.

    Much easier, and more comfortable, than corsets, stockings, suspender belts and not being able to breathe!!! Though I know which scenario my OH would prefer!

    Take care, Kate xx

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