Santa’s Magical Kingdom, Kent, UK

We went to see Father Christmas on Saturday courtesy of the lovely people at Hop Farm in Kent!  I know, it’s only flippin November and Christmas Comes Far Too Early!  However, it was absolutely brilliant and worth the 70 mile journey with a 3 year old in the back alternating between ‘where is Father Christmas’ and ‘are we nearly there yet’!

In the past, we’ve been to a local Santa’s Grotto and we also went on a Santa’s Steam train but neither of them compared to Santa’s Magical Kingdom.  It was a bit of a trek for us but once we got there it all ran very smoothly.  I was impressed by the whole set up.  You make your way through 9 checkpoints, with naughty elves to entertain you along the way.

Our journey began at the 4D cinema, that’s not a typo, it’s a 3D cinema but they pump in the smell of chocolate and bubbles.  It was absolutely magical watching Madame trying grab the 3D objects that came flying past.

Then we made our way through the Enchanted Forest, with a little something for the dad’s, a drop dead gorgeous Snow Maiden!  I love the smell of pine trees.

We had to make a quick stop at the Post Office to write our letter to Santa and post it up the magical chimney.  Madame has asked for all the Toy Story Characters and a Fish in a Bowl??  Hubby has vetoed the fish as he says that water and electrics don’t mix.  He’s such a party pooper.

We then wandered through the North Pole to meet Santa’s Reindeer, including two new babies born this year?  I wonder what their names are.  Can you name all of Santa’s Reindeer?

We were greeted in the Craft Workshop by Mother Christmas and we busied ourselves making a decoration to take home.

Mrs. Christmas then read the children a story in the Story Room and can you guess whose daughter kept shouting out during it??

Madame got up to a bit of mischief with one of the naughty Elves on the Ice Walkway! Parents are treated to Mulled Wine and Mince Pies in the sweet shop.

Don’t miss my favourite, the singing and dancing Yeti!  What a scream!

Then it was time for the Grande finale, Father Christmas!  Once my husband stopped making jokes about the hallway looking like a brothel in Amsterdam, not sure how he knows this, we made our way into see Santa in cosy, private study.  I was truly impressed and he was a good looking Santa, if you know what I mean.  He took a good 5-10 minutes talking to Madame and then gift tumbled down the chimney for her.  It was a pink and white stuffed puppy that she hasn’t parted with since.

Thanks to everyone at Santa’s Magical Kingdom for a brilliant day out and one we won’t forget!

Disclosure: We received 3 tickets compliments of Santa’s Magical Kingdom

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4 thoughts on “Santa’s Magical Kingdom, Kent, UK”

  1. 2010 Magical Kingdom was £35 per person and only half the size of last years. Last year we had a ride on a tractor/trailer to the venue and the attraction was many times better and bigger than this year. Last year a great circus performance after the kingdom and childrens rides made a really fantastic day out. But this year no circus, all the rides closed (except one). Even the childrens playground was closed off. I was not even allowed to take my children to see the shire horses. After all this I say that it was more like a £20 maximum attraction, at the price they charge they really should get back to 2009 format which was well worth the money. This year was a bit of a rip off.

    Scott G


    1. Hi Scott,

      Many thanks for leaving a comment. I did question the price as well. We were very lucky and had complimentary press passes so it was a great day but I don’t know if I would have spent £105 for our family. It was interesting that they were offering much more last year.

      Best wishes,


    2. Hi Scott
      We went last year, and was truly disappointed this year, we missed the outside stalls where they cooked fresh donuts and could not buy the last minute tree presents that we had done last year, we missed the circus the train and also the other smaller rides which i know you had to pay for last year, and also the fairground. We found ourselves to be taken through and not left to our own devices as they previous year, the puppet show and interactive dancing for the kids with the baloon making was also missing, the 3D cinema was for the older children and 1 and 2 years olds would not keep the glasses on plus they were not enough to go around. The santas walk to his study was much smaller and the only thing i can say was they shop was cute. Will not be making the effort to go next year. Such a shame as we loved it last year

  2. I work for Santa’s Magical Kingdom and l would like to respond to Scott’s comments below.

    I’m sorry you felt the attraction was smaller, Santa’s Magical Kingdom has been redesigned for 2010 and this year actually covers a much bigger site, with more areas for families to enjoy. We like to offer families something different each year, which is why the train ride was replaced with a longer snow covered Christmas tree entrance which leads to a secret door, along the way children are given baubles to decorate the trees with. In keeping with this the circus show was replaced with a 4D cinema and interactive ice walkway, which has proved very popular among families. The Hop Farm attraction, which includes the outdoor play area and animal farm, is closed throughout the winter as it was in 2009 and has never been advertised to be open during the Santa’s Magical Kingdom event.

    We have however opened a small number of rides which are free to Santa’s Magical Kingdom visitors, including the carousel, magic factory, driving school, roundabout and train, which are available all day. I am again very sorry you feel the price is not justified, especially as there is more on offer to families this year.

    I hope this has answered some of the points you have raised. We value your personal opinion and like all potential visitors to be given a first hand, honest view of the attraction, so thank you for your comments.

    Many thanks

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