Sledging in April at the Snow Centre, Hemel

It appears that my 3.5 year old daughter has absolutely no concept of fear.  People often comment how great it is but I’m not convinced.  It’s a bloody miracle that we haven’t been to A & E yet!  She runs up to random dogs, has been skiing, quad biking with her dad in Canada, tubing behind a speed boat and has held a rather large snake.  The only thing I’ve ever seen her balk at is spiders, but I think she gets this from her father.

In the video, you’ll see her hurling herself down the Cresta Run at the Snow Centre in Hemel on a Ringo.  As she was not quite four, I had to give special permission for her to go.  I did a quick mum health and safety check, which usually involves me asking myself ‘will she be killed or seriously maimed’ and the answer to that was a resounding ‘no’ as it was perfectly safe.

I only had to go down with her once and then she insisted on doing it by herself as she was a ‘big girl’.  If they would’ve let her, I’m sure she would’ve went down on a Zipfy (5+) or a Airboard (16+) and too be honest I probably would’ve let her.

I don’t want a clingy nervous child but somewhere in the middle would be great.

Thanks to everyone at the Snow Centre, Chris Bennett from F!nn Communications Ltd and Fabiola Franco from Arena Quantum for a great day out!


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2 thoughts on “Sledging in April at the Snow Centre, Hemel”

  1. Excellent!! My daughter was just the same…. one of the longest drop slides in the country at just 3 because the (very high and long) ordinary slide was ‘boring’! She was so quick running back up the stairs and jumping on it before I could catch her, we went round dozens of times!!! Secretly I loved it too but it was a bit scary! Hehe

  2. Wow, brilliant!! My 5 (nearly 6!) year old is so the other way – a right wuss! I agree it’d be nice to have something inbetween, not sure my heart would take this much adventure from my kiddies!!

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