Kite Flying, Dunstable Downs, Beds

We’ve had an absolutely magical day!  It was sunny but breezy.  Thanks to good old twitter, someone (@southportlush) suggested flying a kite.  Slight panic as we didn’t have a kite, luckily, you can buy Kites in the National Trust Centre at Dunstable Downs.

Parking £1.50, Kite £12 and Lattes and Bacon Butties for Mummy and Daddy £5….worth every penny!

I also notice they have a Kite Festival in July!  I’ve put it in the diary!



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2 thoughts on “Kite Flying, Dunstable Downs, Beds”

  1. I was at Dunstable Downs last weekend, I didn’t fly a kite though, just watched the others :)

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