Manners go a long way

It’s a no brainer really!  If you want your kids to have manners try using them yourself.  This stems from an incident I had today.  I was with my mate who is obviously pregnant; she was pushing a pram and holding her 2.5 year olds hand.  You can imagine it was quite a balancing act.   Don’t worry I was being helpful as well, I stopped to hold a gate open for her and this chavvy mum came storming through with her *ahem* charming children (future delinquents).  She didn’t even make eye-contact, smile or say a simple thank you!  If she wasn’t so scary looking I would have had a go at her.

I’m a real stickler for manners.  My mother ingrained this into me from birth. Yes, I have a mouth like a trucker but….  I’m one of those annoying people who adds ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to the end of other peoples sentences.  I don’t just do this for kids; I do it for adults as well.  It drives my hubby insane.  My ex used to get annoyed as well saying that it was ‘implied’.  I’m sorry it’s not, it just takes a second to add a simple word.

It’s only ever happened once, but it was the best compliment I could have ever had as a mum ‘your daughter has such lovely manners!’  Job done!

If you’re stuck here are a few popular phrases!


Thank you

Excuse Me

Pardon Me

I’m sorry

May I?

Do you have any you can add?








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14 thoughts on “Manners go a long way”

  1. Should that happen to me, I like to say a loud “Thank You, very much” and then answer myself with, No problem, it’s a pleasure!”

    I almost try to shame them into changing their ways!

    Great blog ;)


  2. whenever someone does that to me be it in a supermarket barging past me or through a door etc I always say “I think the words you’re looking for are thank you” after them.   Probably doesnt make any difference but makes me feel better!

    The boy knows he gets nothing in this house without a please or a thankyou.  As you say, manners cost nothing.

    1. Agreed…I make sure my 6 year old ALWAYS says Please and Thank You.

      He now knows that if he DOESN’T do that, then he gets nothing. I’d like him to grow up to be a properly polite young man, who is respectful….rather than some of these chavs that you see around.

      My son isn’t going to be harassing people on street corners!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree. I was taught to always let an older person through the door before myself, and always say please, thank you, etc. Instilling this into 4yo. I find myself going completely deaf if he forgets to add please on to a request. He also opens doors (I don’t think the guys at Waitrose like it though when he tries to open the automatic exit door ad keep it open – oops!)
    It’s not just the lack of manners these days, but also the staring, which I consider extremely rude, if someone has some form of disability. I get really mad when people stare at my mum – she has RA and her hands are in a pretty bad state. Look at all the furore there was when Cerrie started on CBeebies – it wasn’t the kids, they probably didn’t even notice, but their bigotted parents.
    Sorry for going on, I hate lack of manners too. They cost nothing to give, but are priceless to receive.

    1. Don’t apologize…I whole heartedly agree.  It’s such a small thing but makes the world of difference.  We’re also trying to instil in our daughter different needs.  Had an experience the other day and she handled it beautifully.

  4. When J was about 5, he held a shopping precinct door open for a pensioner (with a little help from me!). She just walked through – ’til a little voice piped up “You’re meant to say thank you, it’s the good thing to do, grown ups should say it as well”! She went bright red, & muttered “Thank you”. Such a proud mum @ that point – don’t know where he gets it from!!

  5. as a cyclist I am forever wary of others on cycle paths, no matter who they are I will always ring my bell and say thank-you and as a parent have instilled good manners in to both my boys, we walk regulary with our dog along the canal path. On one such afternoon we moved over for a blob of a cyclist no bell just a get out the way to which ys shouted back ‘manners cost nothing and you’re welcome’
    Kids have a great way of making even the toughest nut crumble

  6. Its common courtesy to say please and thank you! How on earth do people just get by not having at least of shred of manners in them. My twins are two and we started with the please’s and thank you’s the second they could utter the words.

  7. I have been known to automatically add ‘please’ in a hissy mother manner to the end of colleagues sentences when they don’t… they tend to learn quickly!

    We did signing with the girls so they have had to ‘say’ please and thank you since teeny tiny and you know what, they may be brats in other ways but they are polite

  8. My 3yrs old says please and thank you to his 18mth old sister as he steals her toy… uhm, at least he says please and thank you. And the 18mth old can say “bitte” (which is please in German).

    With you 100% of the way

    (Muddling Along: am with you – please & thank you was introduced with sign languagr.. we only did about 5 words in sign and those where 2 of them!)

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