I made my own pizza!

I have to say I was the first person to take the ‘mick’ when the Legerra Pizza’s first came out.  What bright spark cuts a hole out of the middle of a pizza fills it with salad and charges you the same price for it?  Or would this be a genius.

Coincidentally, I’ve actually met the bright spark that came up with this idea.  He’s a friend of a friend.  His name is Antonio and he’s barking mad, in a good way. You can’t get much more Italian than him; sadly he’s no longer with Pizza Express.

Pizza Express was looking for inspiration for a new low calorie range and asked him about foods that were very unique to the region that he came from.  He told them about flat bread that they used to make with a hole in the centre and the idea for the New 500 Calorie Legerra Pizza was born!

If I’ll look like Jodie Kidd after eating one I’m all over that.

Joking aside, I went to an event quite a while back promoting the new Legerra Pizzas.  Apparently, I drank all their red wine; insulted a rather large parenting network but by all accounts I still managed to be entertaining.  No wonder I don’t get invited to that many events.

It was a great night.  We watched a demonstration by the chef on how to make the pizzas and then were let loose to make our own.   I was absolutely thrilled that they’d extended the range to include my all time favourite ‘The Padana’ (Goats cheese, spinach, red & caramelised onions, garlic oil).  I was absolutely stunned that my creation was more than edible, in fact, it was very tasty and the portion was perfect.

However, the chefs kept laughing at me an jumping in to fix mine….apparently, I wasn’t doing it right.

At no point did the chef tell us or demonstrate tossing the dough in the air pizzeria style.  But fill a room full of bloggers, ply them with alcohol and this is bound to happen.




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