Decorating the tree should not be stressful???

Fess up!  Do you let your kids help decorate the tree and then rearrange the decorations once they’ve gone to bed?  I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to things like this.  It may be the Libra in me, everything has to be balanced.  Prior to having kids my tree wasn’t perfect, like Michelle Obama’s, but all my decorations were colour coordinated and strategically placed.

However, since having my daughter, the first couple of years were fine, as she was too little to get involved and was happy staring at the shiny bulbs and flashing lights.  But for the last 2 or 3 years she has been fully involved with decorating the tree including making her own decorations, resulting in a tree that looks like it’s had decorations thrown at it from across the room, causing me a mild amount of inner angst.   If I’m honest, the first couple of times she helped I did do a bit of rearranging when she’d gone to bed.

I’m pleased to announce and without therapy, I have not moved a single decoration this year, now that she is 5.  But I have to confess, it may be because she did a rather good job herself and not that I have chilled out; maybe she’s inherited my obsession.

And on a side note, does everyone else have difficulties taking  decent photo of a Christmas Tree?

Disclosure:   The Warm Cone Lights were Compliments of Notcutts

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3 thoughts on “Decorating the tree should not be stressful???”

  1. I laughed until i realised my own position..try having grown up. (lazy) step child do it!! Late and badly.. You dont want to boot them on like u wd yr own…. And it makes me dislike myself for not liking the whole procedure done this way. Ho hum!

  2. I am also a Librian so shall also blame this on my obsessive nature about the tree (yes, I always rearrange what the kids have done).

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