Things you didn’t know you could recycle

Clever Products Made from Recycled Materials

For anyone who knows me I’m a rather curious soul, almost verging on annoying, spending hours trying to find the answers to things and get increasingly frustrated if I can’t work it out. I love weird and wonderful facts.  Did you know bananas grow pointing upwards, the average person spends two weeks waiting at traffic lights and we grow 8mm while sleeping but then shrink again the next day.  Fascinating!

It’s not dull, honest!

A few weeks ago I was sent a box of stationery to review from Memoetc, I know that doesn’t sound very exciting but I now have rulers, pens and colouring pencils made from corn on the cob, a pencil case made from tyres, a recycled leather notebook and colouring pencils made from recycled CD Cases.

How do they do that?

I’ve now spent most of the morning trying to work out how, when I should actually be working.  How can you make pens and pencils out of corn on the cob?  So far, all I’ve worked out is that it’s made from the starch of the corn.

Remarkable - Stationery made from recycled materials

As for the leather notebook, it’s not like they can melt down leather and reform it, so can someone please explain. And I’m thrilled that there is finally a use for all my old CD cases!  Colouring pencils, who would have thought.  Apparently in the UK we produce almost 50 million used tyres every year so it is great to see companies coming up with innovative ways to reuse the all the rubber.

Memoetc offers next day delivery and stocks some ‘Green’ products many of which come from the Remarkable Range.  They are a bit more expensive but don’t forget some of the recycling processes will be labor intensive.



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