How to get active with your kids

Ever thought of taking them skiing?

Just because I’m Canadian doesn’t mean that I’m a brilliant skier.  I can get down the slope without killing myself but that’s about as far as it goes.  I don’t know why, but people they think we’re born with skis on.  Well I guess  they do think we live in igloos as well.

I’ve taken my daughter skiing before, not in Canada but at an indoor ski slope in the UK, which I’ve always found slightly bizarre.  However, the last time we went, she had a separate lesson to me as she was only 4, while I did a few practice runs on the main slope.  We weren’t allowed to ski together as I’d just get in the way on the beginner slope and she had to be of a certain level before she could go on the main slope with me which does make sense for safety reasons.

Family Skiing in Milton Keynes

This weekend we went for a family ski lesson at the Snozone in MK which was absolutely brilliant.  We could all ski together and the instructor was able to get her swooshing down the slopes whilst giving us intermediate skiers a few tips on how to improve our own technique.  Plus, I got to see the huge smile on her face, hear the squeals of excitement and throw snow at each other.

Learning to ski at Snozone in Milton Keynes

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to Dave ‘Lemon’ the ski instructor from the Snozone for making it so much fun, she not only picked it up quickly thanks to his instruction but more importantly for us she was so keen to learn.   Dancing up the travelator!  Brilliant!

She absolutely loved it and now we’re toying with the idea of signing her up for regular ski lessons.  It really wasn’t something we really thought of doing as a family.

Introducing Spogo UK

The cost of inactivity is £1bn in direct costs to the NHS across the UK

We were invited by Spogo UK which is a new lottery funded online initiative to make it easier for people to find sports and physical activities.  It’s the biggest searchable database of sport and physical activity with over 112,000 Clubs and Venues.

I had a quick little play and by simply putting in my post code it came back with quite a few venues and activities locally that I hadn’t even thought about and if you’re like me and hate exercising alone you can also use it to find a buddy!

It’s currently in Beta version but they’d love your feedback.

Do try it yourself!

Find Sports and Activities Near You




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