Not your typical kid’s photo shoot!

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a strong aversion to putting kids on stage, TV or modelling.

Michael Jackson, Drew Barrymore, Macauly Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears….

Need I say more?

I just feel that that environment is far too grown up for kids and they don’t  have the maturity or confidence to be there.  Hence why they tend to go off the rails.

On the other hand, if my daughter was lacking in confidence, luckily she doesn’t, I would consider enrolling her in a drama course.

Not your typical kid’s Photo Shoot

However, on the weekend I had a chance to have some photos of her done by the lovely Jeanette Lendon near Berkhamstead.

Jeanette ‘doesn’t do cute and sweet photos -but hard-core (pre) teenage angst!!!! Think catalogue modelling.’

I absolutely love the end result and she looks a bit too much of a natural for my liking.

River Island Girls JumperGirls Black Fluffy Embellished Shrug by River Island


Girls Tutu Skirt by Little Beau Chic

Aya Naya Dark Grey J Skirt by Little Beau Chic (£25)


Kid's Rain Gear by Muddle Puddles

Girls Reversible Jacket by Muddle Puddles


Skinny Star Jeans by Debenham'sGirl’s Blue Star Printed Jeans by Debenham’s


Clothes by Next

Do you know any teens who could use a boost in self-confidence?

Jeanette has vouchers available for Christmas. £95 for an hour shoot which includes three High Res images and for an additional £30 an artist will do hair and age appropriate make-up.  For the pre-teens this would just be lip-gloss.  She is fab with kids and puts them at ease and her studio is set in beautiful surroundings.

079000 84147

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