Who knew kids could develop Shark Teeth

Kids are fascinating creatures!

When I was pregnant, I would read weekly updates of ‘What your baby looks like this week’ generally it would be about the size ‘this week it’s the size of a kidney bean’ or the development of things like fingerprints, eyelids and eyelashes.  But, I vividly remember being incredibly fascinated by the fact that Embryos have a tail for a period of time, but then it is reabsorbed by the body. I love stuff like this.

Queue the Jaws Theme Tune

Kids and Shark Teeth

So when my daughter started to develop a second row of teeth I was again fascinated.  She is 6 and her teeth are wobbly but haven’t come out yet.  The new ones have taken the least path of resistance and are coming up behind her baby teeth.  Normally the new tooth pushes up on the baby tooth and dissolves the roots.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, years ago when I was a waitress, because of the angle I was at standing over the table taking an order I did notice a child with an entire set of teeth behind the first.

Not Uncommon

I’ve done a bit of reading and apparently Shark Teeth are quite common in kids, apparently it occurs in approximately 10% of kids.  I’ve text a friend of mine who is a dentist and she didn’t know what I meant by Shark Teeth, apparently there is a medical term for it, but Shark Teeth will suffice.

Shark Teeth in Kids

Hopefully, nature will take its course and the baby teeth will come out and the new ones move into place.  I really don’t want to have to go down the route (excuse the pun) of having them removed or costly orthodontic bills when she gets older.

Have you ever experienced this?  Did it sort itself in the end?

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4 thoughts on “Who knew kids could develop Shark Teeth”

  1. DD had tugs and dentist said she would remove but I wasn’t keen and it did sort itself out. Jane x

  2. I had this as a kid, some of the baby teeth fell out on their own, but most ended up not budging and becoming a little sore- they ended up getting pulled :( I had a total of 10 “shark teeth” and 3 fell out on their own, one was knocked out by a rambunctious dog, and the rest were pulled!

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