Kids and Make-up don’t mix!

Would you let your 4 year old wear make-up or worse, put it on you?

I don’t normally wear make-up as I’m such a natural beauty!  Joking aside, I don’t do it because no matter how long I spent on it, the result would be the same…Yes, I’m passed it!  This is what I normally wear, yes, just mascara and lip salve.

However, I was given a challenge…allow your kid to do your make-up with no direction or input and with free access to your make-up.  Gulp!  This required a glass of wine or two.

This is me before….after I removed my lovely white linen work shirt.


I honestly don’t have a huge supply of make-up but, over the years, I have accumulated a stock for Fancy dress and 80s blue eye-shadow.  I still have the same blusher from 8 years ago.

The Joker was a bit enthusiastic.  I have to admit the eye-lash curlers were slightly painful and can’t help thinking lipstick should go on the lips?


So what do you think???  Stunner?? Hear me roar!

After watching her work her magic, I’m convinced I need to spend a bit more time on myself.

I don’t normally join into this type of thing but this one is absolutely hilarious so I’m tagging the following fellow bloggers.

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Honestly, ladies have fun, it was one of those lovely mother and daughter moments and remember Baby Wipes are  your friend.  Can’t wait to see the photos!









What a difference a word makes…..

As many of you know I have recently turned 40 and I look a bit worse for wear. In an attempt, to stay looking younger, I’ve tried quite a few things from sticking 100s of tiny pins into my face to a mild chemical peal! However, I’m not willing to go under the knife…..yet!

A few months ago, prior to my first Radio Frequency treatment; which is a non-invasive treatment where a device is used to heat up the skin to 42 degrees to stimulate collagen growth, thus reducing wrinkles, I announced on Twitter that I was having Radio Therapy which is a whole different kettle of fish. I do apologise if I caused any alarm.

I haven’t done a ‘Cilla Black’ and they didn’t need to freeze my face first. It’s virtually painless. You get the odd ting when the frequency bounces off a bone, a rather odd sensation but not painful in the least and at times it may get a bit warm. The procedure takes about 45 minutes and I nearly fell asleep as I was so relaxed. Following the treatment, Carolina from the Anti-Ageing Clinic, who has the skin of a 30 year old but is my age (b*tch), put a cooling mask on my face. There was a rather technical name for it but in short it’s full of water.

Then she uses a red light, which again stimulates collagen growth. Apparently, you can buy one of these and use them at home but personally can’t see myself doing that as I’m lucky if I remember to take my make up off before hitting my silk pillow.

As I’ve said I’ve tried a few other things and honestly, this is the only one that I have instantly noticed a difference. I have had two treatments (£75 each) my crow’s feet and laugh lines are by no means gone, but are now a lot better.
Apparently, our next adventure is the Dermaroller Pen! I’ll let you know how we get on!

Disclosure: the treatments were compliments of the Anti-Ageing Clinic

Should bike helmets be compulsory?

As many of you know, my husband head-butted a transit van recently and sustained substantial head injuries; multiple-fractures to the skull and bleeding on the brain.  We’ve talked about it extensively and we both agree that in this case, a helmet would probably have helped due to the location of the injury and the speed at which the impact occurred.  For the record, he now owns a helmet.

Coincidently, when we were travelling into London to see the neurosurgeon, there was a heated debate in the editors section of the Metro about legislating bike helmets.  I personally don’t feel that the government should legislate this unless they can categorically link a reduction in injuries to wearing a helmet.

In countries, such as Holland, where everyone rides bikes and not many people wear helmets there isn’t an increase in head injuries.  Could this be down to better roads, more awareness of cyclists, dedicated cycle paths or cycling proficiency?  But in countries (Canada, Australia) that legislate wearing a helmet there hasn’t been a reduction in head injuries.

However, I would like to see more people opting to wear helmets on their own accord; especially in the UK where cyclists and motorists aggressively vie for space on our overcrowded narrow roads, with limited cycle paths.

Interestingly, the neurosurgeon said they never treat people for injuries who’ve been using Boris Bikes.  My mind boggles and I’d love to know the reason behind this, he didn’t know why either.  They go just as fast as other cyclists and rarely do you see people wearing helmets whilst riding them.  Do you think it’s because motorists assume that they aren’t as proficient and give them a wide birth or is it because traffic isn’t as free flowing in the city?

I appreciate, that there isn’t research to prove that bike helmets reduce the chance of head injuries, but I’ve never heard a good argument for not wearing one and I’ve also never heard of a helmet making it worse. So, why not wear one?  It seems like a no brainer to me and you can get one for less than £20.  I know many people are sceptical of the commercial forces behind such legislation.

I’d love your thoughts on this?  Do you wear a helmet?  If not, why?













Genuine Dermaroller and Snail Slime!

On Friday I went for my second round of Genuine Dermaroller.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s an anti ageing treatment that involves sticking hundreds of tiny needles into your face to stimulate collagen growth in the hope of making me look younger.  

Honest it doesn’t hurt

It’s been very difficult to convince you guys that it doesn’t in fact hurt, as they freeze your face first, so I thought I’d take a little video to prove it to you.


See it’s not that bad.  Too be honest, I haven’t noticed a huge change yet but I’m not expecting to for a month or so.

Poor Carolina, the owner and therapist at the Anti Ageing Clinic has her work cut out for her.  After years of bad habits, too much sun and a non-existent skin regime she has had to up the ante.  In addition, to the treatment she has also supplied me a plethora of face creams.

Snail Slime!

I’m completely fascinated by the Endocare Range as they are made from ‘the natural secretions of the mollusc Cryptomphallus aspersa’, in laymans terms, snail slime!  Don’t worry it’s been processed and is not just a box of snails.

As instructed, I have been applying the cream to my face day and night.  However, this morning my eye-lids were unusually puffy so I dropped her a message on Twitter.

Her first response was…..

’you didn’t put the cream on your eyelids did you?’ 

(As they’re part of my face)

yes, I did

She did her best to be professional and not to laugh at me, but apparently, eye-cream is different than face cream and this would explain the puffiness!  Well who would’ve known?  At least she now knows who she is working with!

I’ll keep you posted.

If you missed my first visit, you can see it here.

All in the name of beauty!

I never thought I’d contemplate cosmetic surgery, however, now that I’m 40 I’m starting to notice the lines on my forehead, around my eyes and my mouth. I know they’re marks of a good life/wisdom.  Nevertheless, as a mum I would never put myself at risk of a general anaesthetic for vanity. So, when I was offered a course of Genuine Dermaroller treatment at The Anti Ageing Clinic I jumped at the chance.

What is it?

It’s a non-surgical treatment that involves rolling a roller with hundreds of superfine needles over your face, traumatizing your face so that it starts to produce collagen. I will need a course of 3 treatments with six weeks between. Don’t worry they freeze your face first. I had a chance to have a look at some before and after pictures and saw some amazing results for acne scars, stretch marks and wrinkles.

I don’t expect any results for at least 2-3 weeks.

The Procedure

The procedure takes about an hour and a half. The longest part is when they apply the cream that numbs your face, which takes about 40 minutes. However, time flew by as we had a chat and a cup of tea.

The actual rolling only takes about 10 minutes and for the most part was pain free. The top lip was a bit painful but she was in and out quickly.

If you have the treatment done at a doctors, at this point they would just clean you up, apply some lotion and chuck you out but luckily Carolina has some amazing Caci cooling masks. She was also kind enough to wrap it up so I could take it home and put it in the fridge if I needed it again. I was also given some Chiroxy (pre-surgery skincare) cream to apply twice a day for the next while.

Throughout the entire procedure she kept me fully informed. I was warned that after the procedure I would look as though I had a mild sunburn and as you can see I did. My face did feel a bit hot last night.

This morning I have woken up completely pain free. I have a couple of track marks on my forehead but this was expected.

I’m really looking forward to posting some before and after photos in a couple of weeks time.

Disclosure: the course of treatments (£250 each) were courtesy of Dermaroller