How to Train Your Dragon 2 – Tears and laughter!

7 July 2014 0 comments

At what age do children show empathy? To give myself a bit of a break on the weekend, I’d checked the weather report and it looked grim, so I booked my daughter and hubby into the Cinema to see How to Train Your Dragon 2.  She’d watched the first one and has also watched How […]

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Print Your Photos

2 July 2014 58 comments

Polaroid Style Prints I have nearly 1600 photos on my camera roll and have posted over 800 on Instagram.  Like most of us, I never get around to printing photos on my phone, until I came across Printic.  It’s an incredibly easy app to use allowing you to free your photos from your phone. Simply […]

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Now We’re Cooking with Gaz!

1 July 2014 171 comments

Best Camping Stoves I absolutely LOVE camping and do get rather excitable about it.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m Canadian or what……….. A big part of it for me is all the kit, you’ve gotta have the kit!  We have tent, self-inflating mattresses, chairs, fair lights, windbreak, folding table, sleeping bags, marshmallow roasting […]

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Win £100 worth of NEAT Storage Kit

30 June 2014 217 comments

Smart Storage Solutions   Storage really is a premium in our house as it is fairly small and we don’t have any built in wardrobes or storage spaces.  I really do have to keep on top of clutter or it quickly gets out of hand and if you’re a parent you will realise what a […]

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Manage your Children’s Pocket Money with an App

25 June 2014 0 comments

Roosterbank Allows you to Manage your Kid’s Pocket Money Your example is everything when it comes to teaching your children about money – Rachael Cruze I’m crap with money and always have been.  However, I would like to instil in my daughter the value of money and getting her saving from an early age.  I’m […]

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Looking for a new PTA Fundraising Activity?

2 June 2014 0 comments

PTA Wine Tasting by Escaped Grape Are you bored of the usual cake sales, fetes, Quiz Nights and Shopping evenings?  Why not have a Wine Tasting Evening. For our school it’s not all about raising funds for the school but more a way of developing a sense of community amongst the parents.  It wasn’t a […]

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My Top 8 TV Series to Watch on Netflix

29 May 2014 4 comments

What TV Series to Watch on Netflix UK? As I’ve said before I don’t tend to watch a lot of TV but am really enjoying being able to watch TV series on demand via Netflix.  On occasion, I find myself watching a couple of episodes a night and getting through series fairly quickly.  It really […]

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Best places for Women and Children’s Haircuts in St Albans, Herts

28 May 2014 1 comment

Top 5 Hair Salons in St Albans I’ve lived in St Albans, Herts for 15 years now and have tried quite a few hairdressers.  For the most part, they have all been good and I have no horror stories to report but there are a few that stand out in my mind. I typically have […]

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Camel Racing for Herts Air Ambulance

27 May 2014 0 comments

Things to do near St Albans, Herts on May Bank Holiday Monday “It’s not every day that you see camels in the Hertfordshire countryside!’ We were looking for something a bit different to do on the Bank Holiday as a family, when someone in my timeline mentioned Camel Racing.  I love stuff that is a […]

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How to Make S’mores in the UK

21 May 2014 1 comment

I love nothing better than sitting around a camp fire drinking beer.  This probably stems from all the camping that I did as a child in Canada, minus the beer of course, I waited till I was a teen for that. Who needs Graham Crackers anyway? We used to make S’mores while sitting around the […]

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