Do dad’s babysit?

One of my pet hates is when mum’s or dad’s say that ‘dad is babysitting’.  You don’t babysit your own kids or so I thought!  I babysat for a friend last night and it made me think about this.  As a teen I used to do a lot of babysitting.  One of my most memorable jobs was babysitting for magicians with pink hair and their dog was pink as well.  As a single parent my mum had 3 jobs at times and one of them was in a bar and they were one of the acts.

Anyhow, when I used to babysit, it meant I had kitchen privileges.  I could help myself to anything in the kitchen, sometimes this included the liquor cabinet (tsk tsk), and I’d sit on my butt all night watching telly, only getting up to settle or check on kids if necessary and usually fall asleep on the sofa in front of the TV only to be woken up by the parents when they came in.

When I think about it my husband doesn’t do much different when he looks after Madame. He’s normally asleep on the sofa in front of the telly when I come in.  So maybe I should call it babysitting??  It’s not like he takes the opportunity to do a bit of tidying, laundry or anything else helpful.  The only differences I can see is I don’t pay him $2.00 an hour and hopefully he doesn’t sneak his boyfriend in!  ;-)