Little Girl Who Lost her Name

14 March 2013 2 comments

I was really hoping to write this post last week, as it was National Book Day but time got away on me and we read the most delightful book, the Little Girl Who Lost her Name by David Cadji Newby. It all starts with a little girl who wakes up in the morning to find […]

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Bud & Roo’s Spectacular Adventures – The Beach by Jessica Valentine

12 February 2013 1 comment

Fostering a love of reading I do love a book that inspires a bit of Art.  Bud & Roo’s Spectacular Adventure is about two doggies who dig up treasures and sniff their way to where it has come from.  The Author, Jessica Valentine wanted to create a book that her 5 year old could read […]

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Silly Slippeez Slippers

5 February 2013 0 comments

These slippers made us laugh a lot!  As you can see, as you walk along the ears go up and down.  The shocked expression on the Zebra’s face is hilarious.  They also have Sharks, Dinosaurs and Kitties. Unfortunately, the first pair that were sent to us stopped working after about 5 minutes, but we were […]

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How many birthday parties?

24 November 2012 95 comments

Now that Madame has started school, I’m finding that the number of Birthday invitations is rapidly increasing. According to my calculations, with 60 children in Reception there is a likelihood that she could have a party a week to go to!   That’s a lot of presents, cards and gift wrap. Realistically, how many parties do […]

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Top 5 Movies from a 5 Year Old

19 September 2012 4 comments

I had a bit of a chat with my daughter last night as I was curious what her favourite movies were.  I was pleasantly surprised that many of her choices were the classics.  I know some of them can be a bit dark and I’m still personally scarred from when Bambi’s mother was shot by […]

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Tears at Bedtime

24 February 2011 1 comment

This is not a sponsored post in any way.  My lovely Twitter mate, Andrew Butler, AKA @designcredo, wanted to share it and thought it would sit better on Mediocre Mum than his communications blog and I have to agree! I heard something on the radio the other day suggesting that, possibly contrary to what one […]

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The Gruffalo Live!

27 November 2010 7 comments

At the beginning of the week my daughter developed a fear of monsters.  I have no idea what triggered it.  Apparently, the monster comes out of her mirror and goes up the chimney.  My daughter isn’t a delicate soul and not many things frighten her, which can be worrying to us at times.  She will […]

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ZingZillas – The Album

1 October 2010 1 comment

Finally, a Children’s Album that doesn’t make me want to scratch my eyes out!  You won’t find annoying songs like a Spoon Full of Sugar, Let’s Go Fly a Kite or Three Little Fishies on this album. Instead, there is a great mix of Rock, Soul, Jazz, Samba and Big Band Orchestra.  One of my […]

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Chicken Scratch

14 February 2010 0 comments

I was doing a bit of crafts or ‘craps’ as Madame calls it this afternoon while husband was catching some zzz’s. Art is not my forte but I do enjoy doing it.  I was painstakingly cutting out some circles for flower petals.  We glued them onto the paper and added a stem and some butterfly […]

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