How many birthday parties?

Now that Madame has started school, I’m finding that the number of Birthday invitations is rapidly increasing.

According to my calculations, with 60 children in Reception there is a likelihood that she could have a party a week to go to!   That’s a lot of presents, cards and gift wrap.

Realistically, how many parties do your kids go to in a year?

I have to run out this morning and get a present for a 6 year old boy which I’ll find challenging.  I’m okay with buying presents for girls the same age as Madame, but when it comes to boys I’m a bit clueless.  I’m thinking of some kind of construction kit.

Luckily I have a selection of cards and wrapping paper at home courtesy of Orchard Cards, who also have loads of gorgeous Christmas Cards, wrapping paper and Late Advent Calendars.  They have also kindly offered a £25 worth of Orchard Cards products to one of my lucky readers.  Simply enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

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95 thoughts on “How many birthday parties?”

  1. What a wonderful prize. I am always having to buy cards last minute after remembering the occasion, but spend so long choosing as its one thing I love about my Birthday, receiving gorgeous cards, so know how meaningful they can be. The last I bought was for my Nanna x

  2. A whimsical birthday card for one of my friends. I was quite proud of finding such a funny one!

  3. A wedding card, for a couple I don’t know, have never met, and due to distance I doubt I ever will. Because my Mum wanted me to send it, to her friend’s son. I hope they’re as bewildered receiving it as I was having to send it :-/

  4. It was a get well card for my elderly Mum. I’m hoping she’ll be out of hospital this week after a 2 week stay.

  5. my mum’s birthday today, but I dont buy cards anymore as my children love to make them, and get quite upset if they dont get to make personalised cards for the family!

  6. birthday card (nephew) hes 9 today :-) with haying 3 kids im always running at last min to buy cards for partys

  7. A Get well soon card for my poor Dad whose broke his leg, and wont be up and about until next year! he’s useless on his crutches lol xx

  8. Last card I bought was a congratulations card for my mum, for getting a job after five years of illness as her disability money has been stopped, despite the fact she’s partially disabled! So now she’s 62 and has a job in Tescos. Its a bitter-sweet memory really! On one hand I am so proud of her, on the other, I can’t help but think after being a nurse allher life its a bit sad she has to spend her later years doing this! But thats life I guess!

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