Ridiculous Mummy Purchases…

One of my neighbours is going to pop soon.  I’ve offered her a load of Madame’s old stuff from car seats, Bumbos, baby swings, etc as my loft is bulging with baby stuff but she hasn’t taken me up on the offer but I totally understand why.  When Madame was born I, too, bought everything new and in retrospect I wouldn’t do it again, I’d buy more second hand things.

It made me think about some of the things that I purchased and the most ridiculous item had to be the Explore Garden Gym.  It was basically a Lazy Susan for babies; it was supposed to encourage her to spend more time on her front.  As a new mum, I unnecessarily worried about such things and being a sucker for gadgets it seemed perfect.  The woman in the shop even assured me that it wasn’t gimmicky!  Silly me!  I think we only ever tried it a couple of times and with most things in time she naturally started to spend time on her front.  Doh!

It’s still in my loft if anyone wants it??? I won’t be putting it on e-bay, as I couldn’t with a good conscience take anyone’s money for it.

What was the most ridiculous thing that you purchased?