Ridiculous Mummy Purchases…

One of my neighbours is going to pop soon.  I’ve offered her a load of Madame’s old stuff from car seats, Bumbos, baby swings, etc as my loft is bulging with baby stuff but she hasn’t taken me up on the offer but I totally understand why.  When Madame was born I, too, bought everything new and in retrospect I wouldn’t do it again, I’d buy more second hand things.

It made me think about some of the things that I purchased and the most ridiculous item had to be the Explore Garden Gym.  It was basically a Lazy Susan for babies; it was supposed to encourage her to spend more time on her front.  As a new mum, I unnecessarily worried about such things and being a sucker for gadgets it seemed perfect.  The woman in the shop even assured me that it wasn’t gimmicky!  Silly me!  I think we only ever tried it a couple of times and with most things in time she naturally started to spend time on her front.  Doh!

It’s still in my loft if anyone wants it??? I won’t be putting it on e-bay, as I couldn’t with a good conscience take anyone’s money for it.

What was the most ridiculous thing that you purchased?

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37 thoughts on “Ridiculous Mummy Purchases…”

  1. We did so much of that. Ridiculous expensive pram set which got used a couple of times. Swinging chair with an iPod link and she hated chairs. We wasted so much money it's stupid

  2. I let my mum do most the buying bless her. and we didn't end up with much the was worthless thankfully but the one thing i can never understand are cot mobiles. Neither of my kids were remotely interested in them and yet they are a 'must have'. that and baby wipe warmers which i never bought but seriously WTF?

  3. We were quite relaxed (ok horribly disorganised) and so didn't get much before Toddlergirl arrived – that said Mr has a thing for buying her soft toys… We're drowning under them and only two are continually loved. SighCot mobile I found useful (20 minutes of amused baby = time to wash) and love my glider chair – in fact have plans to recover it and have to read in it

  4. I'm a make do and mend type of person only buying new when it needs replacing but always ask around first, same with getting rid of stuff. When Jamie was born, he's 18 next week, I was a single mum, I bought most of the stuff from boot sales, but did buy a new pram. By the time the other 2 came along I scrounged and borrowed everything, what I couldn't pass on I sold back through the boot sales. I have friends with little money and it annoys me that they have to buy everything new and won't use half of it.

  5. The sit-me-up-cosy was my biggest waste of money, thank god I got it on eBay and didn't pay full price.It doesn't support your baby's weight when the purpose is for it to support them while they learn to sit up by themselves. It had to be propped up against a sofo to stay upright whereas I could have just propped the baby against the sofa anyway and saved a few bob. Then the cat took a liking to it and popped the inflatable inner tube (which you annoyingly can't get replacements for!)

  6. The most ridiculous underused thing was that nappy contraption that you put the dirty nappies in beofre throwing them out. We ended up just throwing the nappies in the dustbin and the contraption sat in the corner of the babies room

  7. The glider chair and matching stool. I couldn't get comfortable in it when I was pregnant and it was useless for breastfeeding! I told my pregnant sister in law all about it and she's now the proud borrower of our glider chair and stool. When I said 'they're crap' she heard 'it's a must have'!
    I was going to write a post about this stuff, I'll link back to you if that's okay? x

  8. Is that one of those bathing bowls??? I just used the regular bath with one of those sloping terry cloth things…worked a treat.

  9. I SO hear you on this one. I'm that person at the moment. Bavaria is fab tho' for bi-annual boot-sales just for kids' stuff… every village holds one in Spring then again in August. It's awesome, but like a supermarket trolley-run … 63deep at the door 20mins before opening time and charrrrrrrrrge!! Hilareous but if you really browse you can pick up some tremendous bargains. Labeled stuff worn once for 1 euro! Then next yr, you sell it on for same price :-) Who'd buy new? Not us!!

  10. My biggest waste of money was a 2-pack of dummies. Always said I'd never use them, but bought them 'just in case of a m.a.j.o.r. emergency' … Never did. 3 Euros down the pan … tsk!! ;-)

  11. I found the top and tail bowl a ridiculous waste of time, it was so massive! I ended up just putting some boiled water into a small plastic pot with no1, with no2 I didn't bother boiling the water and by no3 didn't even bother washing her! (joking,lol!)

    1. Is that one of those bathing bowls??? I just used the regular bath with one of those sloping terry cloth things…worked a treat.

  12. I think the biggest waste for me was the changing table in the nursery as I just ended up changing Chick on the floor generally….who wants to trek all the way upstairs for every dirty nappy? If ever I was persuaded to do it again I would buy a lot more stuff second-hand!

  13. I didn't by one in the end due to lack of space and glad I didn't. I had two change mats. One upstairs and one downstairs, just tucked them under the bed or sofa.

  14. Was that one of those buckets you squash them into? I just used one of those sloping terry cloth things in the big bath. I think it's only cost about £7.

  15. When I was pregnant I was determined to have a big pram with all the fancy trimmings. It cost a fortune but in reality it was very heavy and in no way at all practical for going about town. Had to eventually buy another much smaller pram that I could get in the car and manoeuvre around easier. If I was to do it all again would definitely buy more second hand items.

  16. It has to be the baby intercom system. It cost a fortune and we had a 2 up 2 down house, there was no need for it we could hear here scream from anywhere in the house! PS Love the new look x

  17. My cousin once sent me an electric baby wipes warmer from the US. A sort of plug-in box that you put the packet of wipes in. It had an American plug. I never used it.

  18. So many of my friends did this as well. Luckily, as I drove a SMARTCar, the only pram that would fit in the boot was the Quinny Zapp…feel a bit smug sometimes watching friends all buying a second smaller pram.

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