Pain in the Butt

I’m 38 years old.  I don’t look good in a G-string, never have and never will!  So, why do I have a whole drawer full of them?  They’re impractical, uncomfortable and unflattering!  To put it simply they’re a pain in the butt!  My friends swear by them but they don’t have children!

These girls can get away with it:


But, I look more like this:

So, I’ve decided to burn them!  It’s a bit drastic I know, but I can’t sling them into the Oxfam Recycling Box (that would be gross) and they’re useless as dust rags. (do note my attention to Health and Safety)


It’s not as significant as Bra burning in the 60’s but it sure was liberating!  Now I have more room in my lingerie drawer for these sexy numbers, which may not look flattering but they sure do help!