Fight Like A Girl!

We’ve just returned from a weekend in Wales trekking the Gower Peninsula in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  Five of us Twitterers, who for the most part had never met, joined forces and between us we managed to raise over £1700 for the charity thanks to Social Media (Facebook and Twitter).

Breakthrough not only organises walking events but they also do White-water Rafting, Skydiving, Biking and loads more depending on how intrepid you are.  So get a group of friends together and get out there!

The walk was organised in conjunction with Walkwise an independent UK trekking company.  The guides were knowledgable, friendly and weren’t adverse to a beer after a long day trekking.  Again, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who supported us, my fellow #twitsfortits and the ladies on the walk who’ve been directly affected by Breast Cancer for allowing us to share the experience with them.

I’m normally not a Country and Western fan but chose ‘Fight Like a Girl’ by Bombshel as I thought it was fitting.

I’ll hold my head high
I’ll never let this define
The light in my eyes
Love myself, give it Hell
I’ll take on this world
If I stand and be strong
No, I’ll never give up
I will conquer with love
And I’ll fight like
Like a girl


Selling Babies on E-bay!

When I was pregnant people were always asking if I knew if it was a boy or a girl.  My stock answer was always ‘if it’s a girl she’s going on E-bay’, which got a mixed response.  Please don’t jump down my throat and I do apologize if it comes across insensitive, especially to those of you who may have had fertility issues but this was how I felt at the time.

We’d only been looking at boys names so far.  I’m not sure what my aversion to having a girl was but I think the biggest reason may have been that I normally don’t get on as well with woman as men. A good male friend of mine says we get on so well because he’s a femine-male and I’m a masculine-female.  I’m sure he meant it as a compliment!  Plus, girls have that high-pitched squeal, they like shopping, hair, makeup and pink things all of which I don’t!

Anyhow, on the day of our 20 week scan we’d already decided that we wanted to know the sex of the baby.   So, I reclined on the bed, loosened my trousers and received the jelly belly treatment.  All seemed okay and then the technician asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby and I said ‘yes’.

I can’t remember her exact words but she started describing two ovals and a long narrow……I thought for sure she was talking about a ‘boys’ meat and two veg’ and then she said ‘it’s a textbook example of a girl’.  The room fell silent, I really felt sorry for the technician.  After the initial shock, we hopped in the car headed home and the first text I sent was to my best friend asking how to register for E-Bay.

I think what made it even funnier was when I was being rolled back onto the ward after delivery.  We cruised past A-Bay, B-Bay, C-Bay etc and then slowed at E-Bay, luckily we were in F-Bay!

I probably don’t need to tell you that we wouldn’t change her for the world!

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