When are you having another baby?

From the day that my daughter was born people have been asking me when I’m having another.  During the first year, when people asked, I would get the overwhelming urge to punch them in the chops! My husband was never coming near me again!  However, as time went on I warmed to the idea but now that she’s 4 and I’m nearly 40 I’m not convinced.

I know people don’t mean malice, but I do think they need a friendly reminder to think before they speak.  There may be two really good reasons that people haven’t had any more children.

a)      They’ve made a conscious decision not to have any more due to age, finances, concerns for the environment, emotional state; they don’t like kids and/or they don’t need anyone to look after them in their old age and are blissfully happy with one.

b)      Or they haven’t been able to!

Just think next time!  A little frontal screening goes a long way!