#LittleMissGeek Twitter Party 7th Feb 1-2pm

How can we get more girls into IT?

“At present women only make up 17% of the IT/Tech workforce and in the last 10 years this has been falling by half a percent each year. If it continues the way it does by 2043 there will be no women in the industry. It is important to include women for social, political and moral reasons.

Based on these findings Lady Geek has decided to write a book called ‘Little Miss Geek’, which will explore why girls do not tend to consider careers in IT/Tech and how we can change this.

We are looking for insights, big ideas and solutions on how we can resolve this issue.” Lady Geek

So please join in our discussion on the Tues 7th Feb from 1-2pm by simply following and including #littlemissgeek in your tweets.  Sadly, if you’re account is protected we won’t be able to see you.

If you’re not on twitter but would still like to share your thoughts please leave a comment below.

Disclosure:  I’m NOT being paid in any way to do this, it’s just a topic of great interest to me!


When I Get Around To it!

My father was a very hard working man.  He was a heavy duty welder who worked in the mines and on the oil rigs.  However, when it came to doing stuff around the house he would always say ‘I’ll do it when I get around to it’.  Guess it was kind of like a busman’s holiday.

So, one day, my Stepmonster, which is what I affectionately call her (do note the sarcasm) presented him with a circular piece of fabric with the TUIT embroidered on the front.  However much I dislike the woman, it was funny, and from that day forward it was on display on the wall near the sink so he could never again say ‘when I get around to it’ as he now had one.

Not in a twisted sort of way but my hubby does remind me of my own father sometimes.  We have a huge list of things that need doing.

May I present my case:

These are the chimney pots that were purchased when I was pregnant with Madame and as you can see they are still not in place and she is 3 and a half!

I put these paint testers on the kitchen wall two and a half years ago and the kitchen is still not painted.  I’ve actually gone off the colours now!

And lastly, but more recent we had our windows replaced a few months ago, which was a disaster in itself.  You can read the whole post here.  We ended up with ply chipboard instead of window blinds for a week; we lived like mushrooms with no light. Unfortunately, the builder hasn’t come back to do the finishing off work so we still haven’t put the last wooden blind back up and the other one is only hung temporarily.  It would be really nice to watch TV without the neighbours being able to peer in.

I could go on and on but no point really.  I should just get on and do it myself or hire someone to do it for me!  Alternatively, I could take up needle point and make him a round TUIT!

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Smile and Fake It!

This is the best advice my mother ever gave me.  I’ve used it countless times:

  • When the midwife came around and was asking about breastfeeding and I’d just been busy hiding all evidence of bottles.
  • When accidentally fair jumping on the underground in Budapest and had a run in with the transit police which resulted in a tug-of-war with passports.
  • When making small talk with someone who I can’t stand and I know the feeling’s mutual.
  • When leading a training session on a piece of software I’ve never seen before.
  • When I was the 2nd woman ever allowed into the Ministry of education in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the entire meeting was in Arabic.  I didn’t have a clue what was going on.
  • In the bedroom, I don’t think I need to elaborate on this as you ladies know exactly what I mean!
  • When talking politics, if you were to ask me who the Prime Minister of Canada was I’d have to look it up.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?