Tunes for Toddler Tantrums

My daughter has the most amazing hair but it’s a freaking nightmare to brush.  It usually involves a lot of screaming and ducking and diving!  We’ve tried everything from special brushes to leave in conditioners.   I hate brushing it as much as she hates having it brushed.

Thanks to Tunes for Tantrums (songs about doing your teeth, brushing your hair, eating your good, getting into your buggy) we’re making some headway, excuse the pun!  Seriously check this out!

Note:  This was the first time we listened to this armed with a brush!!!  I wish I would have taken a before and after!

YouTube Videos for Kids?!?!

I wouldn’t in a million years watch YouTube videos with my daughter before vetting them first; even though I’m tempted at times when I have a spare 5 minutes to kill while waiting for dinner.  Unfortunately, I don’t often have time to sit down and sift through all the inappropriate content.   So tonight, I thought I would go through and make a list and share it with you in hopes that you would share a few of your favourites.

There are ways of making YouTube a bit safer for kids but they aren’t failsafe and I’m not willing to risk it.  You can create a favourites list in YouTube, watch them on full screen to avoid inappropriate comments popping up, put it in safety mode and/or register an account for your child with an accurate age so that YouTube’s filters kick in.

I started making quite a list and then came across the following two sites which were exactly what I was looking for.  Both of these sites pull the majority of their content from YouTube but they have been closely monitored.  Every video that I had found previously could be found on these two sites.  So, my list just got a lot shorter.

I like the looks of Kideos because you can search by age group (e.g 2-3, 3-4).  They have everything from Sesame Street to Disney to Dancing Bears.  Plus, they have an iphone app which I’m off to download now.

ZuiTube follows a similar idea but boasts the largest collection of Kids Videos anywhere and all of their content has been approved by parents and teachers.

Happy Safe Surfing!

Mummy, where do……

This is my daughter’s latest obsession.  She wants to know where everything on her plate comes from.  Yesterday for example:

Mummy, where do these (broccoli) come from?

They grow in the garden

Mummy, where do carrots come from?

They grow in the ground.

Mummy, where do potatoes come from?

They grow in the ground as well

Where does beef come from?

It comes from cows.

No, it doesn’t mummy, milk comes from cows.


I don’t think I’m quite ready to tell her that they’re fattened up, transported to an abattoir, stunned with a rubber bullet, have their necks slit, then carved up, packaged and we then buy it from Sainsbury’s.

So my response:

Yes sweetie, you’re right!  Silly mummy!

In 5 Words or Less….

I’ve gone off memes a bit as it puts a lot of pressure on people.  However, if you’re reading this consider yourself tagged.  Can you describe your kids in 5 words or less????? If you decide to do a post add it to the linky at the bottom.






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Don’t you just want to throttle them sometimes……

Do you ever have those moments when one second you want to throttle your kids and the next you want to cuddle them.  It may have something to do with it being school holidays, hubby has industry week so out all week and we’re potty training.  I was at the point of wanting to write a post about pampering to kids, giving them control and putting my foot down and then………..


God I love her!