Tunes for Toddler Tantrums

My daughter has the most amazing hair but it’s a freaking nightmare to brush.  It usually involves a lot of screaming and ducking and diving!  We’ve tried everything from special brushes to leave in conditioners.   I hate brushing it as much as she hates having it brushed.

Thanks to Tunes for Tantrums (songs about doing your teeth, brushing your hair, eating your good, getting into your buggy) we’re making some headway, excuse the pun!  Seriously check this out!

Note:  This was the first time we listened to this armed with a brush!!!  I wish I would have taken a before and after!

Author: mediocremum

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8 thoughts on “Tunes for Toddler Tantrums”

  1. Brilliant! We have simialr hair issues at DG Manor- thus far a Tangle Teezer brush and detangler work. Some of the time. The rest of the time she just looks like she slept in a wind tunnel. Oh well….

  2. Hilarious film well done – your little one is gorgeous !! and what a great song … does it come in ‘will you put your shoes on PLEEEEEEASE’ !!??


  3. Brilliant post! My daughter had the same hair (if not worse!) now she is 21 it is straightened to within an inch of its life! Unfortunately my hair seems to have reverted to toddler frizz… I may very well get the brush and CD for myself! ;-)

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