Junk Mail

This is my front door.  For the most part it works fairly well in reducing the amount of junk mail that we receive.  However, I think we may need to get it translated into a few more languages!  :-o

Sometimes I wish I could hang one on my Twitter account.  The amount of crap I receive is unbelievable and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Please do not:

1) Ask me to vote for your nephew in a baby photo competition.  A) I don’t know you and B) the kid’s ugly.

2) Send me auto DMs saying thanks for the follow with a link.  I liken it to a quick hello over the bar, and then you throw your business card in my face and walk away.

3) If I’ve never spoken to you before, don’t ask me to support your charity.  I’m sure it’s a good cause but I don’t give money to panhandlers in the street either.

4) Send me unsolicited tweets promoting your products.  It’s up there with cold calling and the Jehovah’s banging on my door on a Saturday morning.  I will virtually slam the door in your face as well.

5) Blatantly ask me to follow you.  Why would I follow someone with no followers, no tweets and no avatar?

6) Ask me to RT something for you.  You’ve annoyed me by asking, so why would I then in turn annoy all my followers?

Have I missed any?

Thanking you in advance,



Mediocre Mum