Meal Planning Monday – 25th March 2013

This week’s meals have been inspired by the weather.  I can’t believe the difference between now and this time last year!

What happened to spring?

As always, I will predominantly be using my Slow Cooker and am looking forward to trying some new recipes.  I’m not convinced about the Marmalade Oxtail but always willing to have a go.  I just need to remember to marinate it the night before, which is not my strong point.

I’ve never eaten Quinoa and I’ve had a bag in the cupboard for ages, so looking forward to trying the Aubergine and Baked Egg.  Pushing the boat out on Friday and making a Thai Fish Curry, fingers crossed the little one will eat it.  She loves Fish and Prawns but she’s not a huge fan of spices.

Meal Planning Monday

Have a great week and stay warm!

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday: 3 Dec 2012

Meal PlanningI hope you’ve all had a great weekend.  Sadly, ours isn’t finished yet as our daughter has the day off.  The Teachers have an Occasional Day.  If you’re wondering what one of those are, according to friends, it’s not an inset day dedicated to professional development but a day to do a bit of Christmas Shopping!!!  I have to say as a working mum I find it a bit frustrating but they do work hard.

On a positive, I managed to get the shopping in yesterday so I don’t have to do it this morning.

This week we will be having, all Slow Cooked of course:

Meatless Monday:   Chargrilled Red Pepper and Tomato Soup – any excuse to legitimately burn food.

Tuesday:  Lazy Cabbage Rolls

Wednesday:  Pork and Potato Hot Pot

Thursday:  Lebanese Meatballs – if I can remember to buy some minced lamb as Morrison’s was out.

Fish Friday:  Smoked Mackerel Kedgeree

Have a great week!