Licking Wounds

Another example of over protective parenting…..

We went to a family day/BBQ at the pub on the weekend.  It was great they had arts and crafts, face-painting and free food for the kids.  My mate came and she brought her dog.  He’s a border collie with a lovely disposition, 100% safe around kids, fully vaccinated and better than any toy you can bring along to entertain the kids.

However, a little rubber ball went rolling passed and he loves a good game of fetch and is amazing at it, the ball never has a chance to hit the ground.  So, naturally he nicked the ball and had a whale of a time with it.  My mate realised that it was someone else’s ball so she politely walked over to return it and to apologize.

Instead, of saying no problem and thank you, the woman, who had two small children, said ‘you can keep the ball now, as it has dog slobber on it and I can’t possibly give it back to my kids’.  WTF?   Could she not just give it a rinse?  I would have happily washed it for her.  She’d be horrified if she knew what I’ve had to ferret out of my daughter’s mouth in the past.

My mate came away feeling slightly scolded and embarrassed, but I assured her that the woman was a complete ass.  Yes, dogs lick their wounds, sniff each others backsides and on occasion get into the bins, but you’re more likely to catch a serious illness from another human before a dog!

Is this is myth?  Do you agree?  What would you have done?