It Takes Two to Tango

About ten years ago a friend of mine said to me that every time she wanted her partner of 20+ years to do something, she always had to let him ‘think’ it was his idea.  I used to think life was too short for such games and manipulation, but after being married for nearly 4 years I realise what a wise woman she was.

I don’t know what it is but every time I suggest something to hubby (purchases, DIY, Holidays, Finances, Take-away, etc) he always has the knee jerk reaction and always poo-poos my ideas no matter what it is.  So, I’m slowly working out how to get what I want.  So, now instead of saying ‘I would like to paint the kitchen’, I say ‘what do you think about painting the kitchen’.

Last summer I wanted to buy Madame a Wendy House, so I ordered him without telling him.  Unfortunately, the stupid company emailed him the confirmation.  He went bonkers so I had to cancel the order.  So, I had to stop and rethink my strategy and I’m happy to report that she did receive her Wendy house and he spent Christmas Eve putting it together in the dark! :-)

It’s going to take me a bit to become proficient at it but I’m getting better at planting little seeds and letting him run with it.  I don’t need my ego stroked and honestly, I quite enjoy being secretly smug!    I bet you a fiver he takes credit for Madame’s Birthday Present.  Bless him!

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The Negotiator

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I’m not Samuel L. Jackson but I find myself engaging in negotiations on a daily basis with my nearly 3 year old.  ‘If you go on the potty I’ll give you a treat, if you eat your dinner you can have ice-cream, if you get dressed we can’……

Am I on a slippery slope, making a rod for my own back or is this a normal parenting experience???