How to teach your kids how to sew….

Call in the experts

My 6 year old daughter has really taken to sewing.  This is definitely not something that she got from me.  I can sew a button on, took home economics in high-school but would be more likely to throw something out before I mended it.  The last time I tried to wind a bobbin I nearly blew the motor in the sewing machine.

In the genes?

My grandmother was a very competent seamstress and always promised to make my wedding dress for me.  However, I took too long getting to the alter and she had passed away by then.  One of my cousins is also good at sewing but this seems to passed me by.

Phone a friend

However, we are blessed that one of my lovely neighbours Eva from Sticky Fingers Stuff is an avid stitcher and all things crafty really  and been kind enough to take time out to teach Madame how to sew.

‘It’s a pleasure to spend time stitching with M, I feel I’m passing on some of what I learned from other women in my life.’

She even has a special ‘sewing room’ which is packed with bits and bobs, everything you could imagine.

They started with some simple stitches.  Apparently the stitches even have names but don’t ask me….

How to teach kids how to sew

She’s rather good

And now have moved onto more complex projects.   There was a bit of ‘adult’ prep behind the scenes beforehand.  I think the most touching thing is the scissors that you can see.  They were Eva’s Grandmother who had a love of sewing and she has now passed them down to our daughter who is developing a love of sewing.

Sewing projects with kids

Eva has also pointed me in the direction of  The Junior Embroiderers and Textile Students website for young people who are interested in stitching for fun or as a creative art.

I can’t wait to see what they get up to next.  We can’t thank you enough Eva.



Things to do in London with Kids: Science Museum Live

I want my daughter to want to learn.  I want her to be a curious soul like me.  If I don’t know the answer to something I love Googling to find the answer.  Kids nowadays don’t appreciate education and take it for granted and don’t seem bothered to make the effort.  Some kids in Africa walk miles to be educated in makeshift classrooms, but they can see the link between education and the opportunities that it can offer.

We don’t pressure her but try and make learning fun and expose her to wide variety of activities.  On the weekend we went to the Science Museum Live.  It’s billed for kids aged 7-11 and quite a bit went over her head as she is only 5 and to be honest, I got a bit lost with Potential Kinetic Energy myself.  But she did get a lot out of it and the explosions made her jump out of her seat, spilling popcorn everywhere.

If you’re at a loose end this weekend, I’d recommend it and if you quote “blog1” (or enter into the booking system) you can get 25% off full price adult and kids tickets. The offer is only valid from 22nd October – 28th October.

If you do go we’d love to hear what you thought?

Disclosure:  Our tickets were complimentary