Things to do in London with Kids: Science Museum Live

I want my daughter to want to learn.  I want her to be a curious soul like me.  If I don’t know the answer to something I love Googling to find the answer.  Kids nowadays don’t appreciate education and take it for granted and don’t seem bothered to make the effort.  Some kids in Africa walk miles to be educated in makeshift classrooms, but they can see the link between education and the opportunities that it can offer.

We don’t pressure her but try and make learning fun and expose her to wide variety of activities.  On the weekend we went to the Science Museum Live.  It’s billed for kids aged 7-11 and quite a bit went over her head as she is only 5 and to be honest, I got a bit lost with Potential Kinetic Energy myself.  But she did get a lot out of it and the explosions made her jump out of her seat, spilling popcorn everywhere.

If you’re at a loose end this weekend, I’d recommend it and if you quote “blog1” (or enter into the booking system) you can get 25% off full price adult and kids tickets. The offer is only valid from 22nd October – 28th October.

If you do go we’d love to hear what you thought?

Disclosure:  Our tickets were complimentary



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