Wooden Toys

We were sent these beautiful wooden toys from the lovely folks at The Wooden Toy Shop.  Madame immediately set about trying to set the cakes out exactly like how they were on the box.  I think she did a pretty good job.  However, after a few minutes it dawned on me that I don’t actually know what a few of the cakes are.  I blame this on being a foreigner.  I’m okay with the fairy cakes, donut and Bourbon Biscuits, as it has Bourbon written on it but what are the other four??

My other big dilemma; Do I teach Madame that it’s Zee or Zed?  Is it a Zeh-bra or a Zee-bra??




Littlest Pet Shop Hamster Playground

Madame’s eyes absolutely lit up when she first saw the Littlest Pet Shop Hamster Playground. Unfortunately, after a quick play it became apparent that it’s going to be one of those toys that she grows into. To be fair she is only 3.5 and it is designed for children 4+. As you will see in the video she really struggled to get the figures onto the tiny posts on the playground and quickly became disheartened. Bless.

As a parent, I must admit that I was slightly disappointed; the packaging gives the impression that there are quite a few figures that come with it. However, once we got through all the cardboard, plastic and ties, it became apparent that there were only two figures that come with the playground, which meant we had to dash to Argos to buy a bumper pack of figures and 8 characters cost £20!

However, she is absolutely fascinated by the figures and I think she’s going to really enjoy them independent of the playground. She’s been studying the leaflet that comes with it and making quite an extensive list of the ones she wants, with the Scottish Terrier topping the list. I think it’s going to be an expensive collection!

Disclosure: I was paid a fee to write this post. However, I still regain full integrity of the content.