Wooden Toys

We were sent these beautiful wooden toys from the lovely folks at The Wooden Toy Shop.  Madame immediately set about trying to set the cakes out exactly like how they were on the box.  I think she did a pretty good job.  However, after a few minutes it dawned on me that I don’t actually know what a few of the cakes are.  I blame this on being a foreigner.  I’m okay with the fairy cakes, donut and Bourbon Biscuits, as it has Bourbon written on it but what are the other four??

My other big dilemma; Do I teach Madame that it’s Zee or Zed?  Is it a Zeh-bra or a Zee-bra??




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13 thoughts on “Wooden Toys”

  1. 1 I’m not sure about
    2 Looks like Battenburg Cake
    3 Is Swiss Roll
    4 I have no idea!

    And about the last letter of the alphabet use the phonics way of “Zeh” as it’s less confusing for school then!

  2. 2 is swiss roll
    3 is battenburg
    4 is angel cake
    can’t see 1 well enough to work out what it is
    I say zeh-bra,and that’s what is taught in school

  3. I’d say (1) could be a custard slice, but it’s not clear. The others I agree with what everyone else has said.

    As for Z, it’s tricky. If you’re spelling words out, it’s just ‘zzzz’ but when you’re naming the letter I’d say you ought to use “zed” over here so it matches what all her peers will be saying. (Even though it means most of the alphabet songs won’t rhyme.)

    Oh, and definitely Zehbra reather than zeeebra.

  4. I use zee and zee-bra, hubby uses zed and zeh-bra.  Dear son knows both and uses the appropriate one depending on who he’s around.  =)

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