Is it a slippery slope?

I panicked!

When I was a teenager we used to take the piss out of my step father incessantly as he progressively held his newspaper farther and farther away so he could read it.  We used to joke that he needed Go Go Gadget Mechanical Arms.

Age and Eyesight

This has come back to bite me in the ass.  I thought it may be the screen on my new phone but I’ve now worked out that my site is going as well.  I’ve always had perfect vision, which is quite surprising as I regularly work on computers and in front of projectors.  I’m finding I have to hold my phone just that tiny bit farther so that things come into focus.

I’ve spoken to an optometrists and apparently this is completely normal ‘with age’ and not a damn thing I can do about it!

So what else do I have to look forward to?

Flickr Photo Credit D’oh Boy