The perfect thank you gift for teachers

Where has the time gone!  First year of school done!

It’s almost the end of my daughters 1st year at school, where has the time gone.  It seems like  yesterday that we were walking to school for the first time!  Now the conversation in the play ground has turned to ‘what to buy the teacher as an end of year thank you present?’

Hopefully her teacher doesn’t read my blog or I’m about to spoil her surprise. We’ve been very lucky this year with our daughters teacher, she’s amazing, I’ve never seen some one with so much enthusiasm who obviously loves her job.

We’ve watched our daughter embrace her love of reading going from a non reader to a reader and I’ll miss the days when she no longer wants me to read to her at night, putting herself to bed.  She genuinely loves school and runs through the gate every morning.

There has been whispers about doing a collection for the teacher, but apparently, this is discouraged by senior management as it may put pressure on some families and I totally understand.  I’ve heard of intense competition amongst parents in the playground with large amounts of money being spent on gifts and that’s just not my style, I want my daughter to be involved in the choice of gift, as after all, the teacher has suffered 30 kids, like her, for the past year.  My hat goes off to her!

My daughter’s class is called Butterflies and she wanted to buy her teacher a present related to that theme. As a teacher myself I know that the endless boxes of chocolates rarely leave the staff room, the flowers have nowhere to live and I wanted a more personal, but practical gift that the teacher can use or wine and lots of it!

Gifts for teachers

Coincidentally, I was sent these Butterfly post it notes, a practical gift that the teacher she can use in the class next term, every teacher needs post it notes from marking a page in a book to jotting down notes after listening to a child read of difficult words they need to work on. We’ve stumbled upon the perfect present!

When the chocolate has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, the post it notes will still be there and the tin the post it notes come in can be reused.

Disclosure:  I was sent these post it notes for review purposes, but you have to admit they’re rather fab!

Do you buy presents for your kid’s teachers?  If so what do you suggest?



Chrissie Duck!

Tonight I was telling hubby about the Flap Jack debacle, where they’ve been banned due to Health and Safety issues, some kid was hit in the head with one.  His immediate response was, as predicted, a rant about the nanny state, which I completely agree.

Then he moved on to talking about, as he does, when he went to school and the teachers used to throw board rubbers, you know the ones with the wood backing???  This triggered a personal memory.

When I was about 7 possibly 8.  I explicitly remember my teacher writing this on the board.

Chalkboard (1)

Being blonde, or possibly young,  it took a minute for the penny to drop, but when it did, I hit the deck.  Then he proceeded to chuck the board rubber at the kid behind me.  I honestly, don’t know if it hit the kid but I reckon it was probably deserved.

I would never condone such behaviour as it borders on abuse and would never mention the teachers name as he’s probably comfortably in retirement if he isn’t dead already, and he was my favourite teacher ever.

However, and I think this is the point to think about, I stopped, I listened and didn’t question or challenge authority.

I think there is something in this?  Thoughts?