My First Ballet: Coppélia #review

Things to do in London with Kids during Easter

 Apparently it doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 65 years old, men in bulging tights are hilarious!

I took my mother who is visiting from Canada and daughter to see Coppélia by the English National Ballet on Monday night at the Peacock Theatre  in London and the two of them spent the first act giggling.  I have to admit I was slightly distracted as well.  Once we got passed being juvenile we thoroughly enjoyed it.

‘My First Ballet series brings young audiences their first taste of ballet through the magic of fairy tales, captivating music and beautiful dance’ 

For the last 3 years the 2nd Year Students from the English National Ballet have been putting on performances based on traditional fairy tales to foster a love of the ballet from an early age.  We’ve been to see Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

Coppélia was not one that I was familiar with and when I first started researching the story and it mentioned an eccentric toymaker who wanted nothing more to bring his doll to life,  I initially thought it was going to be Pinocchio but that is where any similarities end.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

My First Ballet - English National Ballet

Franz and Swanilda are set to be married, but Swanilda catches Franz flirting with Coppélia, Dr Coppélius life-size doll and in a rage calls off the wedding.

The bride to be and her friends sneak into the Toymakers house to discover that she is simply a mechanical doll and cruelly fool the doctor into thinking his doll has finally come to life…..

The My First Ballet series is an excellent way to introduce both young and old to the ballet.  It will be playing at the Peacock Theatre from the 8th – 19th of April.
















Outdoor Theatre near Kamloops

Caravan Farm Theatre – Armstrong, B.C.

Outdoor Theatre near Kamloops

The Caravan Farm Theatre in Armstrong, near Kamloops has been running for 35 years.  I’m trying to work out the first time I went and think it was about 18 years ago.  We went  again about 3 years ago and again this week to see Head over Heels.

‘There is no theatre building – just the great outdoors.’

When we went three years ago,  after walking up a lantern lined path into the woods, there was a clearing in the woods with seating, each set was brought on by their trademark Clydesdale Horses and the musicians were perched in the trees.  This year the set was stationary but still just as special and a Clydesdale called Shopping Cart does make a few appearances.

A plane crashes in the middle of nowhere, Oola has lost her twin brother somewhere in the crash.  And to top it off, she has arrived in a mysterious, unknown land, where nothing is as it should be, things are not what they could be, and no one is who they say they are.  Mistaken identity, backward antics, and madness of love send Oola into a furious frenzy of absolute delirium.

I was a bit uncertain for about the first 20 minutes but then it all started coming together.  The skill of the writers and actors was obvious as the story unfolded.  The second half came together seamlessly.   I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

There were children in the audience but if I’m honest, I don’t think it was suitable for kids as the content and innuendos would have been lost on them.

It’s a truly unique experience and if you haven’t been you should.  Adult tickets are $34 (CAD)








Win a Family Ticket to Midnight’s Pumpkin at BAC

This looks like a great night out for all the family.  Renowned Theatre Makers, Kneehigh, are bringing Cinderella to the Grand Hall at Battersea Arts Centre this Christmas from 8th December – 13th January 2013.

The usual cast of characters will be there; the Step-mother, two ugly sisters and of course Prince Charming but the big difference to this well known Fairytale, is the audience gets to attend the ball, learn the dance and join in the story.

We’re going in December and I’m sure Madame will be dressing up in one of her many Princess outfits.  Photos to follow.  :-)

Fancy winning a family ticket? Simply enter by using the Rafflecopter form below.  Please note:

Tickets must be redeemed between the 12th and 15th of December 2012

The family ticket is for 6 people, two of which must be children (Value £100)

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Disclosure:  Our tickets to see the show are complimentary

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My First Sleeping Beauty

I don’t think my daughter realises how lucky she is. She’s only 4.5 and she’s already been to her first ballet. I’m 40 and it was my first ballet!

We went to see ‘My First Sleeping Beauty’ which was put on by the English National Ballet at the Peacock Theatre in London. It was specifically designed for children to foster a love of ballet from an early age.  It was short and sweet with two 40 minute halves with an interval in the middle. They also incorporated narration, which probably helped the little ones follow it. Plus, it being a favourite fairytale they already knew the story.

The theatre was a sea of pink; little girls in their favourite princess attire. We managed to get by the merchandise fairly unscathed, I was only fleeced £3 for a hideous pink, fluffy, flashing wand.

My First Ballet

My daughter and her pal were absolutely mesmerized. I’ve never seen them sit so still and so well behaved for so long. When it was time for the interval, my daughter refused to leave the theatre as she didn’t want it to end. However, with a bit of persuasion I manage to get to the bar for a glass of red!

During the second half, towards the end, they got up went down to the stage and joined in with their own style of ballet.  It was absolutely precious.

Disclosure: Our family ticket was courtesy of the English National Ballet.

Children’s Theatre: The Wizard, Carrot and Parrot

We bought our daughter a puppet theatre for Christmas, we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re not naturals(wine helps) , but are enjoying it and improving slowly!


Just wait to you see our rendition of I’m a Little Princess sung to I’m a Little Teapot!