My First Sleeping Beauty

I don’t think my daughter realises how lucky she is. She’s only 4.5 and she’s already been to her first ballet. I’m 40 and it was my first ballet!

We went to see ‘My First Sleeping Beauty’ which was put on by the English National Ballet at the Peacock Theatre in London. It was specifically designed for children to foster a love of ballet from an early age.  It was short and sweet with two 40 minute halves with an interval in the middle. They also incorporated narration, which probably helped the little ones follow it. Plus, it being a favourite fairytale they already knew the story.

The theatre was a sea of pink; little girls in their favourite princess attire. We managed to get by the merchandise fairly unscathed, I was only fleeced £3 for a hideous pink, fluffy, flashing wand.

My First Ballet

My daughter and her pal were absolutely mesmerized. I’ve never seen them sit so still and so well behaved for so long. When it was time for the interval, my daughter refused to leave the theatre as she didn’t want it to end. However, with a bit of persuasion I manage to get to the bar for a glass of red!

During the second half, towards the end, they got up went down to the stage and joined in with their own style of ballet.  It was absolutely precious.

Disclosure: Our family ticket was courtesy of the English National Ballet.

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5 thoughts on “My First Sleeping Beauty”

  1. I took my 2 girls to see this in April as well. They were only 1 and 3 at the time. My 1 year old was transfixed. She didn’t move from her seat for the entire first half. My 3 year old on the other hand kept interrupting the performance with her chorus of “can we go home now”? It was pretty embarrassing! She did enjoy wearing her ballet outfit though. I’ve just started a blog and it features a whats on in London for and with kids each month if you’re interested in checking it out. It also features deals on things like this. Check it out! Love your blog!

  2. The first ballet performance I went to was 2 years ago, when I was 35 years old. I always wanted to go, I love ballet, but…
    I enjoyed it a lot!

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