Tips for Tipping?

I grew up in North America and worked my way through Univeristy as a waitress so I’m ofay with tipping.  You tip for good service, 10-15% depending on the quality of the service.  There is none of this ‘service included’ b*llshit!  If I see it on a bill it drives me mad and often makes me refuse to pay it.  If the tip is guaranteed who is going to be motivated to give good service?

I’ve now been in the UK for nearly 12 years and for the most part I’ve got the hang of it over here.

  • I used to try and tip barstaff and they always ran after me with the change.  I have learned that it is better to buy them a drink.
  • I tip taxi drivers, I’m not sure why….is the definition of good service ‘arriving alive with unsoiled drawers’.
  • I tip in restaurants if I’ve had good service.
  • I’ve tried to tip my beautician as they deserve every penny for getting up close and personal with my nether regions.
  • I tip my cleaner at Christmas because she’s my saviour
  • I’m tempted to tip at the hairdressers but when they charge me £130 to have my hair done the only tip I can think of for them, ‘is charge less so I have some money left to tip!’
  • I don’t let people carry my bags as ‘I hate handing over money to people for doing what I can do myself, it makes me nervous.’ (Sylvia Plath)

Who else should I be tipping?  Are you like me and find the whole thing a bit awkward at times??  What is the etiquette?  I do appreciate that some people’s wages are crap and they need the tips to survive.  I’m not asking much just good service.

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