Tips for Tipping?

I grew up in North America and worked my way through Univeristy as a waitress so I’m ofay with tipping.  You tip for good service, 10-15% depending on the quality of the service.  There is none of this ‘service included’ b*llshit!  If I see it on a bill it drives me mad and often makes me refuse to pay it.  If the tip is guaranteed who is going to be motivated to give good service?

I’ve now been in the UK for nearly 12 years and for the most part I’ve got the hang of it over here.

  • I used to try and tip barstaff and they always ran after me with the change.  I have learned that it is better to buy them a drink.
  • I tip taxi drivers, I’m not sure why….is the definition of good service ‘arriving alive with unsoiled drawers’.
  • I tip in restaurants if I’ve had good service.
  • I’ve tried to tip my beautician as they deserve every penny for getting up close and personal with my nether regions.
  • I tip my cleaner at Christmas because she’s my saviour
  • I’m tempted to tip at the hairdressers but when they charge me £130 to have my hair done the only tip I can think of for them, ‘is charge less so I have some money left to tip!’
  • I don’t let people carry my bags as ‘I hate handing over money to people for doing what I can do myself, it makes me nervous.’ (Sylvia Plath)

Who else should I be tipping?  Are you like me and find the whole thing a bit awkward at times??  What is the etiquette?  I do appreciate that some people’s wages are crap and they need the tips to survive.  I’m not asking much just good service.

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10 thoughts on “Tips for Tipping?”

  1. This is the same for me – I never know when to top or not to tip. It really makes me feel awkward.

    Like you I tip waiters and waitresses, my beautician, my hairdresser, taxi drivers unless they’ve been awful. But I never tip barstaff unless it’s a waitered service and hotels utterly baffle me – do I tip, who do I top, for what?

  2. I find it a nightmare too. As a person who has travelled all over it’s a real challenge. I think in the US it’s easier – you tip. Over here it is trickier. Here’s what I do
    1. Like you I tip taxi drivers. I have not found a country where you don’t tip them yet.
    2. I tip the binmen and the cleaner at xmas
    3. I tip in restaurants if there is good service and if there is no service charge built into the bill
    4. I also refuse to let anyone carry my bags.
    5. I have a home hairdresser but even in the high street ones I see that some people tip them – I wouldn’t even consider it.
    6. I never drink in a bar over here – always driving.

    Thing is, in the US and Canada restaurant and bar staff get low and sometimes no pay. They must deliver excellent service to get enough tips to make ends meet. Here they are on minimum wage. They don’t have to be nice to get paid. That makes a real difference

  3. Maybe an echo, but binmen? They do less than little. The wheelie has to be in a certain place at a certain time with certain items in it. Last week I found a note attached to my wheelie which informed me that if the bin was not in place at the appointed time, taken in the same day, there would be an instant £75 fine! And they actually check the rubbish! Good God!!

  4. At Christmas time I tend to tip the postman if I can get him in time. (I think most people tip the paperboy and the milkmen but we don't get them!).

  5. I like this post. My husband is from Yorkshire and will only tip in restaurants and even then I have to take the bloody coppers out of the saucer…

    I tip: hairdressers and taxi drivers (unless I've listened to a load of racist twaddle on my journey) routinely.

    Christmas: the paperboy, window cleaner, postie and binmen are all supposed to get a few quid. I've never done any of this and I've not suffered any ill effect. If in doubt maybe let them get a flash of you in your underwear that should put you in good stead for the next year….

  6. We never tip if the bill arrives with space for us to add a service charge 'at our discretion' We never tip in restaurants, cafes, taxis in fact anywhere unless they have done something above and beyond with their job. I don't get tipped at work after all I get a salary which I agree to work for.

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