Consumerism Gone Mad!

Last week I had the rare opportunity to go shopping without kids!  It was bliss; no disappearing acts, no moaning for food nor pleading for me to buy her some hideously branded toy that she’ll never play with.  Shopping is usually a bit of a blur for me as I’m always in such a rush to get in and out before anyone gets hurt.  As I was strolling around at a leisurely pace I started to notice some rather strange, verging on ridiculous, items on the shelves….

An egg boiler: What’s wrong with a pot of boiling water?  Christ, even I can boil and egg.










Onion preserver: Cling film springs to mind.











Quilt clips: It’s really not that hard to change a duvet cover.  My husband can even do it on his own in less than a minute!











Silicone Egg Poachers: You can even buy a nifty little gadget to lift them out of the pot.  See comment above re pot of boiling water.











Toaster Bags: This had to be the most ridiculous.  I’m sure my cleaner would appreciate them but isn’t that what the crumb tray is for and it’s really not that hard to empty.











As a society do we have more money than sense?  Is this an example of consumerism gone mad? Are we that lazy?  Useless? Stupid? I can’t help thinking that there’s demand for these products or manufacturers wouldn’t produce them.

What’s the most ridiculous item you’ve ever seen?







A Wealth of Useless Knowledge

I’m a curious soul, one of my only traits I hope my daughter inherits.  This week I’ve learned that:

Baked Beans are Haricot Beans, which are sometimes called Pea Beans, hence why some people think they are peas.  Both peas and beans are Legumes which are fruits or seeds of anything that comes in a pod.  But what I really want to know is how to pronounce Legumes. Is it lay-goom, lee-goom, lie-goom or some other way?

Paracetamol is available as a suppository???  In Spain and Lapland this is the norm, even for children.  If my daughter is ever that sick and in need of one I hope we’re in a place with medically trained staff as there is no chance that I will be doing this!  Just seems wrong to me!

Tree Nuts are nuts that grow on trees (walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, chestnuts).  I know that is fairly obvious but didn’t realise there was a difference.  Interestingly, some people can be allergic to one and not the other.  I was also reminded that peanuts grow underground.  Not sure if I already knew that or had just forgotten.

Now if I could only remember these things I’d be a great quiz team player!