Consumerism Gone Mad!

Last week I had the rare opportunity to go shopping without kids!  It was bliss; no disappearing acts, no moaning for food nor pleading for me to buy her some hideously branded toy that she’ll never play with.  Shopping is usually a bit of a blur for me as I’m always in such a rush to get in and out before anyone gets hurt.  As I was strolling around at a leisurely pace I started to notice some rather strange, verging on ridiculous, items on the shelves….

An egg boiler: What’s wrong with a pot of boiling water?  Christ, even I can boil and egg.










Onion preserver: Cling film springs to mind.











Quilt clips: It’s really not that hard to change a duvet cover.  My husband can even do it on his own in less than a minute!











Silicone Egg Poachers: You can even buy a nifty little gadget to lift them out of the pot.  See comment above re pot of boiling water.











Toaster Bags: This had to be the most ridiculous.  I’m sure my cleaner would appreciate them but isn’t that what the crumb tray is for and it’s really not that hard to empty.











As a society do we have more money than sense?  Is this an example of consumerism gone mad? Are we that lazy?  Useless? Stupid? I can’t help thinking that there’s demand for these products or manufacturers wouldn’t produce them.

What’s the most ridiculous item you’ve ever seen?







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15 thoughts on “Consumerism Gone Mad!”

  1. I’m with you on some of these, but you miss the point with Toaster Bags. You can put WHOLE SANDWICHES in them. I wouldn’t be wanting to clean melted cheese and tuba from my toaster’s crumb tray.

  2. and actually egg poaching thingamabobs make much nicer eggs. Less watery. With you on the others though

  3. My brother had the toaster bag at uni – they literally cooked EVERYTHING in it – noodles, eggs, beans, sausages, burgers, pizza, stir fry (renamed ‘Poke Toast’) etc etc – there were varied levels of success, but he and his housemates had one each and it was pretty much the only thing they ever ‘cooked’ in. It was rank. I’m almost certain they never washed them.

  4. Ha ha, I have toaster bags and the poached eggs things (and my MIL bought me the lifter pity thingy!). The toaster bags are pretty good but hopeless if you want a toasted egg sandwich!!

  5. Hmmm think I know which shop you might have been in. Worked as a Saturday girl in a certain kitchen shop a number of years ago and items look very familiar! They sold really well – the more bizarre / obscure, the more they sold!! I still have a pair of onion goggles for tear prevention during chopping. They are utterly useless, but remind me of my uni / Saturday girl days!
    (also have toaster bags – use medium slicedbreadand squash flat slightly before putting in toaster!)

  6. Toaster bags are fab. You have to squash the sandwich a bit to get it into my toaster but so much quicker than getting the sandwich toaster out!

  7. Have to admit to owning a poaching pod, as either I end up exploding em in the microwave or make a complete n utter mess doing it the proper way (swirling the water in a pan jobby). The most ridiculous thing I’ve seen is a mushroom scrubbing brush, which was made to look all cute n like a mushroom! Deary deary me hey! Loves Ionwen X

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