Our top ten things to do in Copenhagen

This is the one where we didn’t go to Tivoli Gardens!  I know the story goes that this is the place that inspired Walt Disney but my husband and I are not into fair rides.  However, if we had our daughter with us it would have been a completely different story and a much different trip altogether.

This was a difficult decision for us when I won the trip a few months back.  I was torn whether to take her or not.  In the end, as it was our anniversary and we hadn’t had a proper trip away without her since she was born we decided not to.  It was a bit of a logistical nightmare but we got there in the end.  However, Copenhagen is a great place for kids, on a couple of occasions I did think ‘ahh, she would have loved this or she would have loved that…..’  but this just means that we will have to go again another time as a family, it’s only a 90 minute flight from Heathrow.

Getting Around

Copenhagen is incredibly easy to get around being compact, flat and with efficient transport links.  We were lucky enough to have a Copenhagen Card which entitled us to free public transport and free or discounted entry into a lot of attractions, museums and galleries (e.g  Boat Tours, Rundetarn, Jens Olsen’s Clock).

I do regret not taking advantage of this cycle friendly city, it was such a pleasure to see cyclists and cars on the roads harmoniously, and bikes can be hired for as little as 20 DK.  However, with our history of cycle accidents in our house I was a bit reticent.  We were absolutely fascinated by the number of cyclists and all the quirky bikes.  One of our favourites was a family going by with Dad cycling and mum and children were in a large box at the front.  I’m sure it would have been a right scream but I don’t trust my hubby that much.

We went at the end of September and it was surprisingly mild.  I’m not sure why I thought it was going to be so cold.

It was a jammed pack weekend, but weirdly we still managed to see a lot of it at a leisurely pace.  Here are our highlights in no particular order!

Jens Olsen's World Clock

Jens Olsen’s World  Clock

located in the town hall, not one of the better know attractions but very interesting it was set running in 1955 and has over 14,000 parts, it tells the time, moon phases, solar eclipses and planet orbits.  The slowest gear takes over 25,000 years to make a complete a circuit!



A very trendy part of town, lined with bars cafes and restaurants.  It’s a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee or a beer and people watch.  If you are travelling on a budget you can always enjoy a drink and then hit one of the ‘Sausage Wagons’ on the way home.



Opera House

A boat tour

is a must especially if you’re limited on time as it allows you to take in many of the sites; The Opera House, The Little Mermaid, The Canals of Christianshavn, Our Saviours Church, Christiansborg Palace and the Old Stock Exchange.  Do take an umbrella as it hammered it down.



Copenhagen Harbour

Harbour Wall

If you’re travelling with a sea lover like I was, a stroll along the harbour is a must.  There are some beautifully crafted wooden boats moored up.







Kastellet Citadel


The oldest functioning Military base in Europe.  An idyllic place for a stroll and only a short walk from Osterport Metro Station.





St Albans Church

St Alban Church

Is next to the Kastellet Citadel and is simply known to locals as the ‘English Church’.   It was named after the first Christian Martyr who coincidentally was beheaded in our home town St Albans, Herts UK.



Changing of GuardAmalienborg Castle

Home of the Danish Royal Family since 1794.  We stumbled across the changing of the Livgarden and were surprised how similar the uniforms were to the Guardsmen in the UK.





Rundetarn (Round Tower)

a spiral ramp winds its way to the top, it’s the oldest functioning observatory in Europe and a great vantage point to see the sprawling city.





Also known as the walking street.  If you’re into shopping and people watching this is for you.  Personally, it was a bit busy for me but we did find an outdoor pub with a Happy Hour half way up.




Modern American Steak HouseThis one is a bit embarrassing.  Whenever I travel to new countries I always make a point of trying the local food.  A local recommended this restaurant to us for our Anniversary,  it was amazing with the most extensive wine list and probably the best steak I’ve ever had but then I worked out why it was called ‘MASH’ –  Modern American Steak House.  Whoops!  But nonetheless I highly recommend it.  You’ll find it at 20 Bredgade.

A huge ‘Tak’ to Visit Denmark and Scandinavian Airlines for a very memorable anniversary.







Copenhagen – Cultural Capital of Denmark

We’ve just spent the weekend in Copenhagen, the Cultural Capital of Denmark.  The city is awash with culture; countless museums, art galleries, modern architecture, theaters, year round festivals, sophisticated dining and Chic Boutiques.

I’m not known for my sophistication and I spent a good part of the weekend taking pictures of local signs that made me chuckle.  I blame the local brewery, Carlsberg.  I bet if they were translated they wouldn’t be that funny.  However, I did read somewhere that the Dane’s do have a dry sense of humour, not in the British way but in their own unique style.








Don’t worry I plan on writing a more sensible post tomorrow about all the great things that we saw.  It really is a great place to visit.

I never win anything *stamps my feet*

How little did I know?

Happiest Place in the World

Earlier in the week we were at an event hosted by VisitDenmark, encouraging tourism to Denmark.  To be honest, I’ve been to Copenhagen years ago and it wouldn’t take a lot to get me to go back.  It’s full of happy gorgeous people who know how to sit back and enjoy life, there is so much to see and do and the public transport system is incredibly efficient.

It was at the Home of Danish Design Fritz Hansen (est. 1872) in Central London.  They’d slaughter me for saying this but it’s like a very posh IKEA, but you won’t find any dreaded flat packing and the quality is incomparable.  I’m fully aware that one is Danish and one is Swedish.  As soon as I walked in I wanted to move in.  The place was just oozing with style; simple and elegant!

No, I’m not competitive!

Throughout the evening there was a twitter quiz and they were encouraging creative answers.  I blatantly cheated, retweeting other people’s correct answers, getting my twitter followers to send me the answers and when I couldn’t find the answer I just submitted ridiculous ones in hope of getting a laugh.  For example:

 Question 4:  What does Denmark mean to you?

 Me:  Tall gorgeous blonde men! Easy peasy!

 At the end of the evening, when they were announcing the winners, I was only paying half attention, messing about on my phone, as I really didn’t think I would win!  But, then I heard them call my name.  I went up to collect my prize red faced and then returned to where I’d been standing and had to ask the gentleman beside me what I’d actually won.

Thanks to Scandinavian Airlines and Tivoli Hotel we won a weekend break in Copenhagen inclusive of flights and hotel.

Now the big question….

Do we take our daughter?  Copenhagen is very child friendly, being the birthplace of Lego and the home of Fairytales, I don’t want to spend the weekend walking around feeling guilty thinking how much she would have enjoyed it.  But on the other hand my hubby and I haven’t had a weekend away together since she was born and could really use the time together?  Hmmmm….

Thanks to at travelllll.com for the invite and well done on organizing a great event!