Who was Amy Winehouse?

Don’t forget she was someone’s ‘little girl’…..

I really hate when bloggers jump on the bandwagon when something terrible happens to drive traffic to their blogs.  When a few celebrities recently lost babies late into their pregnancies, a lot of bloggers decided it was a good time to start sharing their own stories.  I can appreciate the sentiment and I do think more women should talk about miscarriages; but I personally made the decision not to share my own stories at that time.  I can understand sending them a tweet of condolence or leaving a heart-felt message of support on their Facebook page but writing a post about your own experiences and turning the attention to yourself stinks of selfishness in my mind.

So, this is why I was reluctant to talk about Amy Winehouse’s sudden death this weekend.  I was sitting in the pub when someone popped by and said she’d died.  We were all in disbelief.  I quickly popped on to twitter to confirm it and sadly it was true.  What saddened me the most is that she was only 27.  I was a bit of a rebel in my twenties, experimenting a lot, pretty much everything, bar injecting myself, but luckily I didn’t have access to the money and drugs that she did, nor did I have to deal with the same pressures.  A lot of finger pointing will go on. Was it the media, her parents, fame?

When I got home last night, I crept up the stairs and poked my head in to check on my daughter who was sleeping soundly.  I don’t know how to put it into words, but looking at her sleeping is the most amazing experience; calming, soothing, peaceful.  It made me think of Amy’s parents, as they would have done the exact same thing and brought a tear to my eye; I’m sure they celebrated the first time she slept through the night, her first birthday, her first steps, her first words, and her first day at school.  She wasn’t always an incredibly talented junkie with too much eye-makeup.

Some of the comments/bad jokes I’ve read on twitter really make me wonder at what point did she stop being a human-being in people’s minds.

Even though her parents knew she was on a path of destruction and the outcome was inevitable, I can’t imagine the pain they must feel.

No parent should ever have to bury their children.