Fancy Dress Faux Pas!

Last week I made a little faux pas during #fancydressfriday. As usual, late Thursday night I was busy throwing together a last minute outfit for the competition.  I posted the picture Friday morning and left it up to my followers to have a guess.  I had loads of guesses from Figs to Oreo cookies.  @toddylass quickly came up with the correct answer, which was the lost TV Remote.

I didn’t think another thing about it until about an hour before the competition when @helen_b pointed out that on her iphone I looked like a Giant Vagina (she used much more colourful language)!  OMG she was so right and she wasn’t the only one who thought this!  My unpolluted mind hadn’t clocked it.

What do you see?

This week I’m going to be much more careful and may have my outfit vetted first.

Author: mediocremum

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