Chicken Scratch

I was doing a bit of crafts or ‘craps’ as Madame calls it this afternoon while husband was catching some zzz’s. Art is not my forte but I do enjoy doing it.  I was painstakingly cutting out some circles for flower petals.  We glued them onto the paper and added a stem and some butterfly stickers.  Then hubby strolled in and scribbled on the petals!  Grrr!  I can’t believe how upset I got.  He ruined our masterpiece I felt deflated.  It reminded me that I’ll need to be sensitive with Madame about her artwork.

He did make amends by doing a couple more pictures with her and no, I didn’t scribble on them.

Under the sea!

In the Jungle!

A question for you:  When doing artwork with my 2 year old I tend to draw (badly) houses, cars, bicycles, butterflies, etc but she’s only at the stage of doing scribbles, very good ones I might add.  But, on a couple of occasions after I’ve drawn something she says ‘I can’t draw’ and insists that I do it….should we stick to doing scribbles as well?

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  1. personally I would continue to draw but might ask her to draw first and get her to tell you what is in the picture. It won’t be long before her scribbles resemble what she is trying to draw. Just let her lead and see what happens

    1. I tend to draw the outline, for example, I’ll do a circle and then she does the eyes, ears, etc. One thing I did learn from teaching was never ask ‘what is it’? Tend to now say ‘tell me about it’.

  2. I am very impressed with the pictures…very impressed! Little Miss P is at the eating paint stage, so am looking forward to when that develops into scribbles!

    1. She’s only slightly beyond the paint eating stage…need to get her some new felt tips as she’s eaten the ends off all hers!

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